John McCain Says He's Cool With Sarah Palin Visor Flap

John McCain Says He's Cool With Sarah Palin Visor Flap

The fallout out from Sarah Palin's latest, um, scandal, isn't nearly as devastating as gossip rags everywhere had probably hoped.

Last week, Palin was spotted on a Hawaiian beach wearing a John McCain campaign visor with the senator's name scribbled out with black marker. The incident was caught on film by some paparazzi, and with a little help from the Internet, sent left-wing bloggers into a frenzy.

John McCain was asked about visor-gate on Fox News Sunday yesterday, and Arizona's senior senator didn't seem to mind the seemingly symbolic gesture. 

"Oh, it's fine. Sarah said she wanted to be a little bit incognito," McCain says. "I don't blame her. I understand that."

After the incident, Palin released a statement saying there was no bad blood between her and the "maverick" and that she scribbled out McCain's name to try to avoid getting spotted by photogs.

Palin ended up cutting her vacation short after the incident and took to her Twitter page to strike a blow at the intrusive photographer who snapped the shot.

"So cut sunny vacation short (thanks, desperate paparazzi)," she writes.


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