Don't listen to the haters, Katie...

Katie Rose Fan Club

Why do the dillweeds on AZ so despise startender, party-person & all-around hot babe Katie Rose? Is it 'cause she's attained a level of fame that they, sitting in grubby T-shirts and eating Cheetos before 'puter screens in their 'rents' basements, will never achieve? Perhaps it's because the scrumptious Rose won't give them the time o' day or night? Or maybe because these losers are hopelessly hooked on haterade? To read the venom these poseurs pour forth on a regular basis, you'd think their deadbeat daddies beat 'em with a mean stick three times a day. Oh, woe is them! No one will recognize their genius and put them on the cover of the New Times like Rose was for the Megan Irwin cover story "It Girl."

A pal recently sent me a link to a thread in the AZP jerkoff zone where these nimrods are responding to my illustrious colleague Brendan Joel Kelley's classy invite to participate in the New Times' new blog site. The first reply from these online knuckledraggers shows just how bent out of shape they all are by jealousy.

"You guys should also start a blog where you idolize a new coked out porn star/bartender each week," writes one.

Then a little bit further down, from another brain surgeon:

"I am pretty sure I fell off my chair laughing about 10 times while reading that piece of drivel."

But you read it, dumbass. You read it. Which is the whole point. We're not here to suck your ass in print. We're here to help you overcome your innate 'tardedness and read. You picked up Megan Irwin's story, and you read it cover to cover, probably drooling over every sentence. Mission accomplished.

To be even-handed, a few of the AZ Punks who apparently walk upright responded positively to BJK's invite to submit samples of their musical endeavors. I don't even mind those who ragged on the NT much, since they do it so often, it practically punctuates their sentences. But why bag on KR? Because she's hot? Come on, you know she is. You'd go there if you had half a chance. Because she was in some, ahem, erotic shorts? Well, we're in the Valley of the Sun, not the San Fernando Valley, so you must admit, it makes her unique, and yes, newsworthy.

Y'all seem to think she doesn't deserve her fame. Irwin's article hailed KR as a local "it" girl. And that she certianly is, despite your junior-high jibber-jabber, which is still raging some SIX MONTHS after the piece ran.


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