Kemper Fidelis

You may have heard of Kemper Marley, the late Phoenix land baron, liquor kingpin, political deal maker and cockfighting aficionado long suspected as the mastermind of the 1976 carbomb killing of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles. Before he died in 1990, the famed scoundrel promised to donate $1million to the Arizona Historical Society. In return, the society agreed to dub a proposed new facility--the Arizona Historical Museum--the Marley Center, which it did when the shiny new building opened recently on the Tempe side of Papago Park. Then, to add insult to injury, the society started to make plans to install Bolles' bombed-out Datsun in the Marley Center. The Bolles family, noting the cruel irony, didn't like that idea much.

But Kemper Marley isn't the only benefactor who wants to ensure that his legacy is etched in stone. We took it upon ourselves to track down a few other notables, and to pay special attention to their tributes to themselves.

Johnson Institute for Preventive Medicine
Mecham-Farrakhan Brotherhood Foundation
Teets Memorial Tower for Legal Arbitration
Gacy Juvenile Justice Center
Bidwill Better Business Bureau
Franke Labor Assistance Council
Mustaf Family Planning Clinic


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