Laquint Cherry
Laquint Cherry

Laquint Cherry Arrested for Tweet Saying He Planted IEDs in Jodi Arias Courtroom

An 18-year-old man was arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office deputies after tweeting that he planted improvised explosive devices in Jodi Arias' courtroom.

Laquint Cherry, whose Twitter account indicates a severe lack of common sense, was ratted out by local TV news station ABC 15, the station admits in a story posted online.

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Cherry claims on his Twitter account that he's "Backed and supported by the Taliban, North Korea, Iran & Syria," and includes a whole lot of name-calling -- such as that "pussy nigga" Sheriff Joe -- and talk about explosives and killing people.

What got him a visit from MCSO, however, was his tweet below:

He was found in a motel room near Interstate 10 and 43rd Avenue about 10 hours after posting the tweet, according to an MCSO spokesman.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Cherry initially refused to surrender while inside the motel room, actually tweeting during the little stand-off.

Cherry was eventually arrested without incident and faces a felony charge "related to acts of terrorism," according to MCSO.

Don't litter in front of an ABC 15 reporter.
Don't litter in front of an ABC 15 reporter.

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