Latest Allegations About Former Phoenix Suns Great (and Now Mayor of Sacramento) Kevin Johnson

We loved KJ, otherwise known as Kevin Johnson, first as one of the all-time great Phoenix Suns and, later, as the subject of an unseemly New Times cover story entitled "The Summer of '95."

In part, the story described how Johnson allegedly had engaged in sexual petting with a teenage girl at his Phoenix home.

Though the Phoenix cops never pressed charges against the b-ball star, the allegations resurfaced during Johnson's successful 2008 campaign to become mayor of Sacramento, California.

Now this, from a Web site called, which focuses on politics, Washington D.C.-style. It cites a Republican congressional report accusing the White House of inappropriately going to bat for Mayor Johnson, a stauch supporter of President Barack Obama.


Readers here can discover the details for themselves in the attached link, but the political and sexual intrigue is both delicious and disturbing.


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