Letters 07-20-2000

White Heat

Black lash: Regarding the letter (July 6) written by A. Gene Kelso, the white supremacist: You, sir, and I use the term loosely, are an idiot. First, regarding scientists, you forget about George Washington Carver, perhaps one of the greatest scientific minds in history. As far as mental superiority, I, a black man, have an IQ of 163 as tested on the Stanford Binet Standardized Test and challenge you to prove that you have an IQ anywhere near mine.

As far as lower-class whites at Harvard or any other institute of higher learning other than ASU or any other Arizona school which tends to admit any idiot who can spell his own name with fewer than three mistakes, it is obvious that they are as stupid and inbred as yourself.

As far as affirmative action, we, as a part of this nation, have been discriminated against for so long that what you white folks have given us is merely a drop in the bucket.

You, A. Gene Kelso, need your ass kicked back under the rock whence you came.

Cairo Collins

Gas war: In A. Gene Kelso's letter, references were made to the "Jewish Holocaust." In his letter, Mr. Kelso opines that it was caused by "evil in the hearts of evil people who twisted reason with Hitler's 'big lies.'" The "big lie" in this instance is that the so-called "Holocaust" ever took place at all.

If by "Holocaust" one means the alleged systematic attempt by the Germans to annihilate the Jews of Europe, principally by means of lethal gas chambers, the fact is that there is not a shred of credible evidence to support such a claim. There is no verifiable physical evidence to prove the existence of even one "gas chamber" in any of the concentration camps operated by the Germans in World War II. There is no medical postmortem evidence that even one person, much less millions, was "gassed" in any of those camps.

Each of the camps had small delousing facilities that were used for fumigating clothing, bedding and other materials that might possibly harbor deadly typhus-bearing lice. Typhus was the big killer in all of the camps, and Zyklon-B was the insecticide used in the effort to control it. No serious claim is made that the delousing facilities were used to "gas" prisoners.

Wartime conditions, with critical shortages of food, medical supplies and sanitation materials (including Zyklon-B), had resulted in a catastrophic spread of typhus and other deadly diseases. It was typhus that ended the life of Anne Frank at the Bergen-Belsen camp. Anne had previously been interned at Auschwitz and, when the advancing Soviet forces were approaching that camp, she was, along with many others, relocated to Bergen-Belsen. Had Auschwitz been an "extermination camp," it hardly needs to be said that Anne would not have survived her experience there. Typhus was out of control at Bergen-Belsen then and when it was taken over by the British soon after.

Promoters of the "Holocaust" legend have been forced to acknowledge that the number of victims at Auschwitz was much less than had been previously claimed. Stone or concrete tablets at the site had proclaimed some four million victims. The tablets have since been scraped clean and the present number is now maintained to be around one million. Interestingly, that concession has not at all affected the total number of six million which seems to be ensconced as some kind of religious dogma.

George Orwell once wrote, "At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to say this or that or the other, but it is 'not done.' . . . Any one who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals."

I'm hoping that New Times is an exception to the rule.

Jack Martin

Hate male: In his recent letter, Mr. A. Gene Kelso seems almost hurt by the harsh judgments of white supremacist philosophy, and in the same line spits bitter hatred. He lists examples of white scientists to illustrate superiority, and ignores 12,000 years of civilizations the world over that all went through their cycle of birth and death, in science, in philosophy, in humanistic achievement. He sees injustice in affirmative action, but not in white supremacy. He admonishes his critics not to "paint with a brush that is too broad" and then speaks, and I quote, of "all the black thugs in the black neighborhoods in this country who would enjoy beating the crap out of me and killing me."

Mr. Kelso's schizophrenic thought processes disguise a truth he chooses not to acknowledge. I am a truth-seeker myself, a Kenyan woman with endless questions about the horrors and injustices that occur with such easy regularity in the world; I've done a lot of research. I concluded a long time ago that most white supremacists are deeply insecure, underachieving individuals who band together, much as bullies do, to create a little society that exalts some meaningless trait (such as brute strength or white skin) and nurtures childish fantasies of controlling and punishing the people who despise them.

There is cold comfort in the irony of Mr. Kelso's ignorance, poetic justice or not. He has no power, and therefore can neither help nor harm me. For that reason, I think he should be able to rant all he wants.

The danger I fear is from all those people who think as he does, not from insecurity and fear, but from a genuine sense of entitlement based on the overwhelming dominance of white social, political and economic influence. I once sat across a table from a brilliant young man who advocated dumping toxic waste in African countries because "there's nothing there." He also believed that the problem of inner cities could be solved if they were just walled off and the people inside were allowed to die. Then all the rich white people could move back in and clean the place up, and oh, what a quick, easy solution! This man is probably somewhere now running a corporation.

That frightens me. Mr. Kelso does not.

Wanja M. Wanja
via Internet

Balancing Act

Check mate: Paul Rubin and New Times should be applauded for persevering in the ongoing investigative reporting on the private fiduciary and her pillaging estates of vulnerable adults and children ("Checks & Imbalances," June 15). It's sad the courts won't look at the timeliness and accuracy of each accounting as it is filed or should have been filed. Rather, the inaccuracies and thefts have to come to light through the efforts of Paul Rubin. The fact that no audits are conducted should be raising red flags.

Also, the overspending, thefts and inaccurate accountings are reasons that the fiduciaries, both private and public, almost always look upon family members of the wards as disruptive. They push them as far away from the incapacitated clients as they possibly can, refuse to let them visit without at least 24 to 48 hours' notice, and make notes of all the conversations that take place on the visits. These notes are reported back to the office of the public fiduciaries. Going to authorities to alert them concerning problems with "financially significant" clients and the way their money is being overspent is an exercise in futility.

Keep up the good work, Paul; this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Carleen Warrack
Lancaster, California

Know Comprende

Nada issue: I work in a trauma hospital and am familiar with the problems of not enough interpreters ("Critical Connection," Amanda Scioscia, June 29). I have taken a Spanish class in the hopes of better assisting my clients. Too bad more non-English speakers haven't made the same effort to learn English.

Call me a "white racist gringo American," but I find it interesting that your writer noted the doctor could only speak seventh-grade Spanish -- in a country that is English-speaking. Why was there no mention of the fact that many people we service have no English-speaking skills, and why is that okay?

For the life of me, I cannot understand moving here and making no attempt to learn the language well enough to get through basic living experiences like going to the hospital. With families that have been here years, there is no excuse for expecting school-age children to do the interpreting for adults who haven't made enough effort to get by.

I agree that everyone deserves the same level of medical care regardless of language, but all individuals have a responsibility for their own well-being (and adults have the responsibility for their children as well), and that includes being able to communicate in the language commonly spoken.

My Spanish is not good enough to write this letter in Spanish and sometimes my spoken efforts have not been as successful as I would have liked. But I do try, and by doing so will get better. My/our Spanish-speaking residents need to make the same effort -- for their own good.

Name withheld by request

Soy what? Wouldn't you want to know the language of the country where you are doing business? At the least, if you are going up against City Hall, you need to know what is being said and written. Can you really believe a translator that is being provided by the other side?

When I move to a non-English-speaking country, I'm going to make learning the local language the first thing I do. Millions of Chinese are learning English and they don't even want to come here. They just want to make a buck trading with us.

David A. Burdecki
Vallejo, California

Kelley's Zeroes

Slash 'n' burn: Brendan Kelley is a kid, relatively, and rock 'n' roll is a kid's world, but the sort of hype in "Slash City Rockers" (June 15) really needs stopping. It's absolute crap. I was at that Daggers show he compares to a halcyon moment and they so much sucked, I bailed after two songs.

Let's get real: They are all faking some glorified version of the blankness of Richard Hell and/or Stiv Bators, but they are too young and stupid to understand that Stiv was just parodying things in the movie Polyester. So now the "garage punk" underground is damned to thousands of Johnny-come-lately retards like the Daggers and the Murder City Devils and the Valentine Killers, while ferocious bands like Teengenerate, the Oblivians and the Mummies have long since ditched this dead end. The party is over.

Elitist? Sure, the little brats crashed our party and had nothing to add. But I'm just disturbed you would encourage them.

Yes, rock 'n' roll is for the young, but they should at least steal techno or something more current than try to fake like some kinda Dangerhouse band. Plus, I'm pretty sure their parents should have made them play more sports.

Brainless and blank is no way to go through life (if you're gonna be idiots, at least be inspired idiots like the Angry Samoans). Thanks for proving to me again why I should wait in line for WWF tickets instead of going to see bands. This is a pathetic era.

Stephen Paul Green


New Times erroneously reported that Devil Dog Barry Nutter was indicted in the beating of Jordan Jarvis ("Bad Dog," June 1). Nutter, who was recently released from jail for his role in another assault, was not charged in the Jarvis incident. We regret the error.


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