Joe Blows

Capitalizing on an opportunity: Outstanding reporting in your story on the sheriff ("In the Crosshairs," John Dougherty, June 24). I worked for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for 13 and a half years, and I knew within the first week of his being elected what an ass he would become. Due to my not having any respect for the man, I opt not to capitalize his name.

You hit on all of the important issues and made it easy for anyone in his right mind to see that joe arpaio really is a scumbag.

So many people just don't want to hear the truth about joe. They want to hear that the inmates are treated harshly and not living a comfortable life while behind bars. Before arpaio became sheriff, the inmates were not coddled. However, the mentality of the current administration is to treat the inmates as subhuman. This starts with arpaio and works its way down to the lowest individual on the sheriff's office totem pole.

The sheriff needs to be unseated in this election. He is bad news for our county and for the image and reputation of our state. The MCSO was once a very reputable nationwide law enforcement agency that had other agencies sending their people to learn and be trained by it. Then arpaio was elected, and the MCSO became the laughingstock in the state.

Thanks for writing the truth, and I look forward to getting that ass out of office this election. Maybe he could just do us all a favor and slither away.
Suzanne Mull, Peoria

Stay tuned . . . : Great article! Nine pages and still so much left unsaid about Joe Arpaio and the corruption of his administration. I am the aunt of Brian Crenshaw, another inmate murdered at the Tent City jail. Thank you for doing such an insightful article. I hope many people will read this and vote accordingly in September.
Sheila Evans, Glendale

Pin the tail on the jackass: John Dougherty has done another magnificent job, this time of nailing the tail on our resident jackass, the Shire Reeve Joe Arpaio.

Dougherty is able to prove that Arpaio is another prime example of our tax dollars at work. He also proves that Joe's big mouth keeps running on and on, in everlasting bullshit bliss.

Most of all, Dougherty establishes that Arpaio is dangerous to you and me. The constant barrage of lies and crapola excreted from the mouth of his flunky, Lisa Allen MacPherson, is phenomenal!

How many more people have to be killed, wrongfully incarcerated, socially humiliated, illegally investigated, suffer prosecutorial vindictiveness and other evil and malignant acts from this alleged public protector and servant? How many?!
J.E. Barbee, Glendale

The only time you'll see Joe Arpaio and Albert Einstein in the same paragraph: Great story on Joe Arpaio! Thanks! I'm a Democrat supporting Dan Saban. This from Albert Einstein: "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
Chuck Foy, president, Peoria Police Officers Association, and vice president, Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs Local 7077

A dose of his own medicine: Are people in the Phoenix area still as dumb as they used to be? I moved away from Arizona five years ago because of just the kind of mentality that keeps electing that senile, stupid, vindictive Nazi cretin Joke Arpaio. Your article actually gave me heart, because it seems that people may finally be wising up, that they may finally kick this ancient asshole to the curb.

Maybe it's the hundreds of thousands of folks from civilized parts of the world who are moving into the Phoenix metropolitan area every year who are having an impact on the electoral process. Or maybe it just takes a boatload of deaths and serious injuries inside Arpaio's gulags before Arizona public wakes up.

What is so incredible about Arpaio is how stupid he is! A virtual idiot is more like it. That prostitution bust is rich. What a pathetic exercise that was. The guy on the video you guys put on your Web site was a complete moron. The scene depicted on that was hugely telling and hugely pitiful.

And after I saw Arpaio on TV on O'Reilly actually defending the "law enforcement techniques" used by his Barney Fifes (great description, by the way), I couldn't help but laugh until I cried. And, yes, it would be funny except that the voting public is letting Arpaio get away with stuff that should get him thrown into a much worse place than his wretched Tent City. He should be in jail with some big bubba like you see on Oz, wearing a dress and getting his ass reamed.

Oh, sorry, I made myself sick. I was thinking of what kind of desperate freak would sink low enough to violate wrinkled, old Joe Arpaio.

Can't somebody just force him to begin occupying his room at some nursing home in Sun City? The motherfucker's old! Isn't there mandatory retirement? Guess not! When he finally winds up in such a place, I hope they treat him as badly as they did that guy in that other story in your newspaper recently ("Falling Down," Bruce Rushton, June 17). I'll bet you've gotten a lot of letters on that one, but I'll bet you wouldn't get a single one in protest if someday you wrote a similar story about poor old Joke getting left helpless on the floor for hours and finally croaking.
Name withheld by request

The Fall Guy

Judicial negligence: Congratulations to Bruce Rushton on writing a great article and shedding some light on a flagrantly unjust situation that might otherwise never have been made public ("Falling Down," June 17). The decision reached by Judge Rebecca Albrecht in this case, that the negligence of Casa Del Mar's staff was irrelevant to James Brauch's fall, since no one can prove that his fall was directly caused by their negligence, is appalling.

Also, the fact that Judge Albrecht didn't even deign to explain her reasoning in dismissing the lawsuit begs the question of whether the judge felt that her logic would stand up to public scrutiny.

The whole point of putting someone into a nursing home is to see that they are cared for and supervised so that a tragedy like this might be avoided. When a nursing home fails to provide such supervision and care, as was clearly the case here, how can that failure not be considered a factor in an accident that the nursing home appears to have done nothing to prevent? Furthermore, it seems outrageous that Judge Albrecht, by way of her ruling, would simply dismiss the notion that the four hours that Mr. Brauch spent waiting to receive medical attention might have had something to do with his death.

Albrecht's ruling seems to be based on the premise that no one could prove that Brauch's fall, and thus his death, resulted directly from the negligent actions of the nursing home, and that it was possible that the fall could have happened even if Casa Del Mar had fulfilled its obligations to monitor and care for him.

One point that seems to be missing in the judge's dismissal of the case is that no one knows how Brauch fell precisely because of the negligence of Casa Del Mar's staff. How could anyone know how he fell when his door was shut, he couldn't call for help because of a disabled emergency button, and his attending nurse was ignoring him in favor of a cell phone? The mere idea that nursing home staffers can ignore a patient, ignore their duties to supervise and care for said patient (what other purpose does a nursing home have?), and then spend upward of four hours getting their stories straight after he falls and breaks a leg (under the guise of bringing a mobile x-ray to verify what had to be an obvious injury) is truly galling.

But what makes it even worse is the idea that all of this can be discounted in court based on the notion that no one knows how or why he fell, especially when the reason that no one knows how he fell is that he was ignored.
Todd Johnson, Tempe


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