Arpaio's Dumb and Mean

Joe's gotta go: Three cheers to John Dougherty. Your article was the best news I have read in a long time ("In the Crosshairs," June 24). It's truly grand to see people like County Attorney Rick Romley stand up to Joe Arpaio and not prosecute the "prostitutes."

In the video you ran on your Web site, it looked to me like the posse member was just as guilty as the lady. But the really great news: did I misunderstand or could it be true that Arpaio's reign of terror could be coming to an end?

I used to sit in amazement that the residents of Maricopa County let him get away with it for so long. It was truly a scary feeling seeing what he has done. I am just glad the local Republican Party, as well as all the law enforcement organizations, have finally awakened and now see him as he is: an embarrassment to all he comes into contact with.

I am glad if everyone is pulling their support for him. Thanks, New Times, for having the backbone to publish Joe's atrocities. Keep up the good work.
Name withheld by request

Keep him on the hotseat: Great job on the "In the Crosshairs" story on the sheriff! Don't let up on this asshole for a nanosecond.
Bob Mustari, Mesa

Listen up, Governor Retard: I can't for the life of me understand why Sheriff Schmo is wasting our tax dollars busting hookers in elaborate setups. Shouldn't he be focusing on more serious crime? I am outraged! Please show us more stories about his stupidity so that maybe our retard governor will do something about it.
Ryan Schuman, Tempe

Tent with your name on it: As always, we can count on our illustrious Sheriff Joe to keep the public informed of what a mockery he has made of the justice system. The one person who should be the very essence of what law enforcement is about has proven once again that he is even more foul than all of the dope dealers, hookers and even sex offenders he tries to keep off the streets.

Just remember, Joe, what goes around comes around. I only hope that when you are called to task for the actions of your posse -- which you claim did no wrong -- the cameras are there rolling to catch your last moments as a free man. Since there are vacancies at Tent City, perhaps they have a space with your name on it.
Name withheld by request

Dougherty's got balls: Great story on America's dumbest sheriff! He's been in office far too long. Maybe your reporting and the disdain of his fellow Republicans will get Joe Arpaio booted out?! I admire your courage in exposing Joe's manipulative and heavy-handed tactics. So many others have been afraid to do that.
Sean Davis, Phoenix

Come clean, or face the Feds: The most powerful elected official in the state has never had the light shined on his dirty little empire?!

In normal counties, if there is even a whiff of corruption, massive investigations are undertaken. How does Sheriff Joe survive? How is he able to keep his office the only one in the nation from being audited? Is it intimidation? Is it ego?

There are some serious questions, and I think it is more than due time for the sheriff to either give those answers -- or for the Feds to step in.
Name withheld by request

Posse members ain't idiots: I had never heard of your New Times and was referred to it by a friend. She knew I was in the posse in Sun City for nine years and thought the article on Arpaio would interest me. It did, very much so, except the part where you mentioned us as his lame-brained posse!

I resented that because I did a lot of duties helping the people who needed it one way or another.

Just thought I would write and let you know that I enjoyed the article, except the part about the posse. I know some posse members may be that way you describe, but not the majority. Like they say, we are there to help. I am still with the posse, but out of Phoenix now.
Irene Leonard, Phoenix

Love It or Leave It

Get off the Gipper, or go: What the hell is with Stephen Lemons?! He is a food critic who now apparently thinks he is a political commentator! His slam against Ronald Reagan was cruel, mean spirited and totally uncalled for! ("Mediocre Mangia," June 17).

Ronald Reagan was one of the best damn presidents this country ever had. Reagan's legacy is that he helped stop the cold war, freed the Iranian hostages, helped break down the Soviet Union and helped break down the Berlin Wall.

And he also brought pride back to America. This is something that liberal dip-shits like Lemons will never understand.

Lemons likes to brag that he can "cut through" the bullshit. It's impossible to do this when bullshit is all you're about. Getting fired from New Times would be too good for your critic. Stephen Lemons needs to get his stupid liberal ass kicked out of the country!
Jon Krieger, Phoenix

Try living in Iran or Africa: I've just read your paper for the first time. I was wondering if your owners/editors are communists or socialists?

Or are you all just average liberals with your propaganda heads up your asses? Thank God that men are still willing to protect anuses like you. Please go to Iran or Africa for a week then tell us how bad everyone here really is. Please pull your heads out.
Ed Brace, Gilbert


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