Blackened and Tanned

Duh, get a brain: While you've got to give the proprietors of the Black and Tan props for daring to operate an after-hours club in Phoenix, you've also got to wonder why these guys have to demonstrate how those who pass themselves off as underground chic in this town are, in reality, such fucking hayseeds. New Times hardly outed these idiots; they were advertising the hell out of their pseudo-cool venue forever. The ticket New Times ran with the Inferno column ("Dirty Doggy-Style," Stephen Lemons, October 21) shows what kind of fools these guys are. They crybaby over getting outed in New Times' Best Of edition ("Best Worst-Kept Secret," September 30, Page 206), and then they print up tickets telling everybody about their existence.

Duuuhhh! Hello! Got a brain?

In addition, B&T has had a mention on [the] AZPunk.com [listings site] for quite a while that gave as much info as New Times had [in the Best Of item] that got the B&T guys' panties in a bunch. Neither place gave the address, even though everybody knows that.

All you have to do is look at Simon Rohrich's Web site [Rohrich is one of the, uh, cool dudes who ran B&T] to see what a bunch of lame-o's there are in this city trying to pass themselves off as edgy. I notice he published a posting by some guy who questioned what Stephen Lemons meant in an Inferno column when he quipped about R. Kelly on the playground. Apparently Simon was in the dark as well, or why would he allow such a dimwit to put up something on his blog?

Simon, get a life! And Kenny, we all know you make confections for a living and are hardly cool, so stop crying because New Times wrote about you [the mysterious Kenny was supposedly the owner of B&T]. Come on, Cookie Monster, you should be honored that anybody even gave a damn about your little shithole club. I've been to it a couple of times and was thoroughly bored by the coke freaks there. In my opinion, the cops would have been doing all of us a service by closing you down.

I notice that Simon's been badmouthing [Lemons] in a menacing way on his site. It's time somebody who's really cool did a New York-style version of an after-hours club here. No losers -- like Simon, Kenny and James Bound [another of the B&T's godfathers] -- need apply.
Terri Ridley, via the Internet

Totally uncool, dude: What New Times did to the Black and Tan was totally uncool!

Dude, you guys should be shot for closing that pussy palace down! You have truly become as much a part of the establishment as the Arizona Repulsive. Even to mention the club by its initials could have brought the cops down on James Bound's head. I'm surprised he hasn't hunted down Stephen Lemons and beat his fat ass.

And what's with Lemons, who's as white as they come, trying to act like a [brother] in Inferno? Fuck knows, we don't need anybody else trying to act like that! There's enough of that shit in hip-hop. To quote Bruce Willis in some movie, "You really want to make me mad? Play rap music."
Name withheld by request

Gang that couldn't shoot straight: So wait a second, New Times gave the B&T a little recognition, and then they freaked out? I read that Best Of award -- the one about the "worst-kept secret" -- and it's vague. Very vague.

Then these B&T brain surgeons go and make a big stink about it online, thereby implicating themselves in what was, from where I sit, a criminal enterprise? Sweet Jesus! Talk about the gang that couldn't shoot straight!

I'm no fan of the cops in this city, but Rohrich & Co. act like they want to get arrested -- on grounds of stupidity!!! What's even weirder to me is that the B&T's Best Of item seems fairly complimentary. I'm confused. Deeply confused.
Jay Davis, Phoenix

Cluck, cluck, cluck: I would like to clear up something regarding your article about the Black and Tan. The article states "the Black and Tan [was] listed on AZPunk.com for offering free all-ages underground shows." The Black and Tan was a speakeasy venue which we at AZPunk.com honored by never listing the address in any of our databases. A simple description saying that the venue hosts free underground shows is hardly a reason to attempt to label AZPunk as a reason the Black and Tan is closing its doors -- especially coming from a publication that granted the place with a "Best of Phoenix" award and a corresponding article about it.

The people who frequent AZPunk.com are the very ones who would honor the place by keeping it secret. Your article is a pathetic attempt to pass the buck on AZPunk.com when you're the one who seems to be causing the outing problem.

The actual venue name listing is there for bands to post their shows if they should be playing [there]. We left it up for showgoers to find [the B&T] themselves. It's unfair for you to attempt to label AZPunk as an outer [of] this venue due to the lengths we went to keep the address off [our] site.
Micah Elliott, AZPunk.com

Editor's note: New Times never stated that AZPunk was a reason the B&T closed its doors, only that AZPunk had been listing the same information that New Times mentioned in its Best Of item. One or more of the B&T's front men themselves hastened the after-hours joint's demise by bragging about the place too much -- thus the headline on the Best Of item: "Best Worst-Kept Secret."

Bush-league whiners: I just got finished reading the Inferno column on the B&T and the Dirty Dogg Saloon, and I just wanted to write in and tell you that's the funniest shit I've read in years!

I'm from Chicago originally, and I used to help run an underground club there. Never would we have printed up tickets to our place with our name on it. That's so fucking bush-league; and these people are whining that they had to close down?!

Their doorman [Rohrich] had a page devoted to the pics he'd taken there. What an idiot! From what I saw online from the B&T in those pix, it looked like a roach motel. And the women didn't look much better. Keep telling it like it is, New Times.
Mel Vernon, Phoenix

Hairy palm brigade: I can't believe how James Bound and Simon Rohrich have been crying like babies because New Times outed them. They outed themselves, because they have nothing else going on in their lives except the Black and Tan and couldn't stop trying to get laid by telling every hot chick they ran into in the Phoenix metro area about the "secret society."

Simon probably has trouble getting any from his own hand, and Bound isn't much better off. He's always acting like the big man on campus because he's, as you call him, the "doormat (uh, I mean, 'man')" at the B&T.

Anyway, New Times, if your guy Steve Lemons had anything to do with the demise of anything run by these two 'roids, then more power to him. Maybe some dudes with an ounce of humanity will open up something to replace the B&T.
Loraine Learner, Tempe

Cheese-ball poseur: The article on the B&T was hilarious. It's high time someone exposed James Bound for the cheese-ball poseur he is. The B&T was a blast until the guys running it deemed themselves demigods because they thought they were providing the only good times after 1 a.m.

You're right, the owner of the B&T was super lucky when it came to not getting busted, and I'm sure it was just luck. The cops came to the old location four times when I was there and never did shit about it. I always wondered why [the B&T] didn't go legit, but [the owner's] pride trampled his talent.

I hope your articles will prompt someone to open a speakeasy with a little class. It got so boring seeing the same coke addicts peddling their own egos and agendas. All things move toward their end, good or bad.
Name withheld by request

No guts or panache: That was a great editorial in Inferno! I am 24 and have known about the Black and Tan since the summer after I graduated high school. It was definitely no secret to anyone who wanted to know badly enough. It's ridiculous that you guys got so much crap about the Best Of item. A friend of mine foolishly agrees that you guys "ruined" the B&T, but if the cops having a notion about a speakeasy is enough for it to shut it down, then the place doesn't have the guts and panache to last. It's about stamina.

Anyway, I always appreciate your articles.
Nija, Tempe

Bikers love us: Thanks for the kind words in the bottom half of the Inferno column on Dirty Dogg's. We as bikers (Weasels) don't always have nice things said about us. This is the lifestyle of guys who love to ride! As it's inscribed on my arm: "Live to ride, Ride to live." The bars are just a bonus. And this bar is definitely a bonus. Thanks again!
Lucky, via the Internet

The Blame Game

Raising issues: Thanks for your "Janet's Missed Opportunity" column (John Dougherty, October 7)! While I believe you blame the mainstream Mormon church for more than you should, there is no question that issues regarding the fundamentalists need to be raised. Especially the plight of young girls being forced into polygamy with older men, and young men being shoved out of the fundamentalist communities. Keep it up!
Glade I. Nelson, North Salt Lake, Utah

Freedom of Speech

We do windows: Great column on ASU's Michael Crow, et al. ("Forty Whacks," Rick Barrs, October 7)! I just wanted to let you know that my roommate and I are challenging the window policy in the residence halls. We have gotten numerous justifications for the policy, but the most prevalent is that the university wants to avoid complaints from people driving by.

We live in the honors college complex, which is directly across the street from Gammage Auditorium (where the third presidential debate took place), and we are the complex that has been the most targeted by enforcement of the policy. Interesting.

We have been in contact with the ACLU and several lawyers, as well as the local media, to try to persuade the ASU administration to recognize that this policy is ridiculous and that we are not going to give up our right to express ourselves simply for the sake of not offending the public.

Did you know that Michael Crow issued an unofficial decree that unaltered American flags are permitted in campus windows? So we can be patriotic but not partisan. Now that's the university I know and love.
Hayley Ivins, Tempe


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