Holding Court

Witness for the defense: The New Times article on "Katie & Jordy's Excellent Adventure" was rollicking good fun (Sarah Fenske, January 13)! I can't remember when I've enjoyed a story more. I've been an avid Court TV watcher pretty much since the O.J. Simpson trial, and I greatly admire Kathy "Katie" Monkman and Genna "Jordy" McCallie for what they do in their spare time.

They were indispensable to us court watchers during the Scott Peterson trial. If not for them, we wouldn't have had nearly as much fun watching the bizarre goings-on.

Though an avid advocate for the prosecution -- I at least hoped the handsome Scott was innocent -- Katie was giving us trial nuts all the juicy bolts we could swallow. And my heart sank for Scott when I heard about Jordy's photograph.

Next time, gals, at least consider getting behind the defense for a change. My feeling is that the system usually railroads criminal defendants. I'm still wondering how Scott could have been guilty when his wife's body was never found.
Amanda Rinaldi, Chicago

Coming together in the name of justice: I've just read your excellent article on Katie and Jordy. I am a member of the Live Trial Updates message board and proud of it! These two brave and wonderful women gave us a lifeline into the Scott Peterson trial. It was exciting and frightening all at the same time.

We are committed to support the families of the victims, and Katie and Jordy are examples of the wonderful people who have come together in the name of justice.
Linda Matson, New York

The next best thing to being there: The article on Katie and Jordy was wonderful, informative and well-written. As a member of the LTU message board, I watched Katie and Jordy's adventures at the Peterson trial every day. They made us feel like we were right there. Thank you for a fab article.
Cheri Everly, Long Grove, Illinois

You go, girls: I just read your article on Katie and Jordy and wanted to tell you it was wonderful. Our girls are something else, and to think that all of these things have happened in their lives because of horrible things that happened in our world! Kudos to you on a very accurate, in-depth look into these two friends.
Karen Johnson, Charleston, West Virginia

Not the usual cup of Joe: I usually don't read lengthy cover stories in New Times about Sheriff Joe and other harangues. But your "Katie & Jordy's Excellent Adventure" was a delightful, fascinating and informative piece of journalism.
A. Marc Leventhal, Apache Junction

Factually challenged: Just so you have the facts straight, that photograph of the bag of cement had absolutely no bearing in the Scott Peterson trial. Just what the world needs -- two [women] insinuating themselves into a trial and then thinking they provided cornerstones of evidence.

The bag of cement in the photo was stipulated to as belonging to workers next door to the Peterson house. It had nothing to do with the trial or any evidence. It only cost the taxpayers more money to prove this.
Name withheld by request

Politically Incorrect

A few roadblocks . . . and a few blockheads: Once in a while I am proud to live in Arizona. On a rare occasion, driving down the 51, when there's fog on a dark night in the mountains, the beauty of Arizona is breathtaking.

But frankly, [it's sad that] a majority in any area of Arizona is brain-damaged enough to keep a woman like Karen Johnson in office ("Karen in the Hot Seat," Speakeasy, Robrt L. Pela, January 6).

Greater Phoenix is a city of fabulous growth, culturally and politically. We just have a few roadblocks, but even those will eventually go away. Everyone dies eventually. In Hell, I'm sure Karen Johnson will be seated next to Richard Simmons.
Amanda Blum, Phoenix


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