Heather and Yon

Motherly love: My heart goes out to Heather Grossman and her kids ("Paralyzed in Paradise," Amy Silverman, May 1) . Shame on the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for dismissing Heather's case! The county attorney needs to be schooled in domestic abuse behavior so that next time he won't so easily dismiss this type of case.

I am a mom who has a child at the same school that Heather's kids go to. I have seen Heather on numerous occasions visiting the school in support of her kids. I feel so bad about what has happened to her and her kids at the hands of her sick and abusive husband. How can anyone be so cruel? This man should definitely be punished!

His family should continue to pay for her medical care. They are the ones who created this monster!

I want Heather and her kids to know that there are many people who care about them and wish them nothing more than to get the respect, love and care they deserve. If this article said anything, it speaks volumes of a mother's love and the will to survive.

Patrice Farner
Via e-mail

Helping hand: Thank you for your article on Heather Grossman. It is appalling to me that the county prosecutor thinks he doesn't have enough evidence to go to court. So, Heather changed her story. Has he ever been the victim of mental and physical torture? People will say what they need to say in order to stay alive. It is only when they feel safe that the truth can be told. What about all the other people who are willing to testify as to what went on? It sickens me that this man will be getting away with terrorizing Heather and her children. I was wondering if you knew of any efforts being made on her behalf. I'm sure that this story has enraged more than just a few people and it is my guess that if we knew where to express our fury, we would. Can you help? I've e-mailed the county prosecutor's office as well as the governor. What more can I, as well as other concerned victims' advocates, do? I wish 20/20 or one of the other news programs would get ahold of this, but I don't know how to go about that. I'm appalled and sickened that this case is being dismissed and would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

Mary Buchanan

Patients and Prudence

Payback time: This is a great story ("Rent a Patient," Paul Rubin, April 24). I just hope those who cashed the checks don't have to pay anything back as a result.

Jessica Morris
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Pompous circumstance: Gregory Weinkauf makes one thing abundantly clear in his review of X2: X-Men United: He is waaaaaay smarter and cooler than the rest of us ("Violent Femmes," May 1)!

Now if he could've explained his opinion with the same clarity, we'd be in business. He spends a majority of his review throwing out big words and sly references like he's a homecoming queen throwing candy at a parade. His review exudes such a pretentious and pompous attitude that I was shocked to finally discover (in the closing paragraph) he seems to have liked the movie.

Well, regardless of what his opinion is, at least he knows the proper way to pronounce Xavier.

Jason Williams

More Sermons on the Mount

The race card: As a Native American woman, I find this column offensive beyond words ("Squaw Peeved," April 17). Robert Nelson claims to be a reporter. I see him as a racist. In his article all he did was publish his racist views along with his distaste for Governor Napolitano. Is it not the duty of a newspaper to print the truth? Can this man not hear the voices of millions of Native American women when they shout this word is offensive? My question to you is simple: This is the 21st century -- must we really continue to allow racism against anyone? If two wrongs made a right, perhaps all Native Americans should start calling all white women whores. Then, according to language, NA women and white women would be equal. Is that how we want to live in America?

Lori Sullivan

You're welcome: Now if I were a Republican, I would be yelling foul. How dare this governor try to upstage our president and his war on Iraq by trying to steal some headline space? If I were a Democrat, I would just say, Ah, that's nice. Besides, why in the hell are we trying to protect a name like Squaw Peak anyway?

Now my opinion, considering I'm none of the above, is clear: Let's not make political hay out of this. There's more important things, like what the hell are we going to do with those stupid pots on one of our freeway walls that Fife gave us and how come gas goes up 12 cents a gallon and only goes down 2 cents. Let's make cents, whoops, I mean sense.

Thank you for letting me vent.

Steve Fiegen
Black Canyon City

Pride and prejudice: Being from the South, I have heard of prejudice. So I recognize it when I see it or hear about it. It seems prejudice has reared its ugly head in Phoenix in the form of Robert Nelson. All he needs is the robes and hood of the KKK. No, it's not blacks he is attacking but little Pfc. Lori Piestewa that he has decided does not need to be honored.

You know if Georgia had a mountain that was called N----- mountain we would hear from all 50 states. What a pity it took a death to change a slur to Native American peoples everywhere. I would encourage the people of Arizona to ask for the resignation of Robert Nelson. Prejudice of any kind is repulsive.

Faith Brooks
Macon, Georgia

Southern comfort: I am from the South and y'all know that we have these funny little sayings, like "let that sleeping dawg lay." The one that comes to mind in the Lori Piestewa storm is this: "American by birth, Southern by the grace of God." The first part is the most significant to think about in this context. Whether Lori was a special ops soldier or a cook is not what is important. She died in "harm's way" as an American. Respect is what she deserves.

Frank Bodine
Thonotosassa, Florida

Withhold this: To Name Withheld, friend of Custer (Letters, May 1): Dear Lord! Go back down to the bunker and fill some cases with powder or something until you calm down! You should stop reading New Times, as it is much too upsetting to you.

Please, go rent Billy Jack and watch it at least two or three times, and also look up this word in your Funk & Wagnall's: GENOCIDE! I hope you aren't one of my Mesa relatives!

Laurel Johnson

Citizen raising Cain: Never in my entire life have I been so embarrassed to live in a state where the government officials are so crooked, corrupt and absolute screw-ups! Makes me want to move to a different country. Where do we find these yahoo idiots and why do they become elected? One cannot possibly tell me that the pickings are really that slim that we as citizens have to elect such morons. People, they are elected officials. The only membership to the big-boy club is the one you as a citizen give them. Next time, choose wisely.

The renaming of Squaw Peak is utterly ridiculous to me. I will forever call it exactly what I have called it since the day I moved here. As well, can we expect Janet Napolitano to pay for the monument in marble with her own money since she opened her big mouth without thinking first? As far as I am concerned, she has lined up right behind the yahoos of embarrassment before her.

Name withheld by request

Cracker barrel: There are those who say that Bob Nelson is a cracker-ass cracker.

A racist.

It had to happen eventually. The "pussies who make their living being offended," in Nelson's memorable phrase, will almost invariably drag out the R word when their only other alternative might be to mutter and stammer instead of forming a cogent counter-argument.

I am thankful for all brave people, Lori Piestewa included, in the military. Her memory should be honored, her sacrifice respected. But it is quite clear from this distance that it is not valor, but simple demographics, that has led to this transparent example of pandering.

Shame on Governor Napolitano for attempting to exploit a fallen American soldier's body for political advantage.

Name withheld by request

The few, the proud: You must be very proud of your Robert Nelson. I'm sure he is a military veteran who has placed his life on the line to defend our way of life as did Lori Piestewa. That would "qualify" him to publish his observations as to renaming Squaw Peak on her behalf. No doubt he has many Native American friends in a thusly well-populated region of Native People of this Hemisphere. I just hope his views are shared by the majority of your blurb's readership to justify his continued employment. By the way, was he one of the embedded reporters on the military's recent maneuvers in Iraq?

Jess Paul Tomey
Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Reverse racism: I can see that there is a unifying theme to almost all the letters against Bob Nelson's column: racism against white people. Whether it be phrases like "racist white man" (an inherently hypocritical phrase), or "typical white man's attitude": Racism is wrong! Having a darker skin does not excuse you from this fact! I haven't done a damn thing to anybody! Why should I be targeted by your racist "acid"? I didn't steal your land! I didn't kill your ancestors! Your ancestors killed some of my ancestors, too! So what? It's all stuff some other guy did to somebody else, and doesn't have shit to do with anybody alive today!

If you are stupid enough to think this is an issue of racial equality, then you've played right into Governor Napolitano's hands. It has nothing to do with recognition for aboriginal-Americans (I hate the phrase Native American: I was born here, too; what the hell does that make me?). And nothing to do with recognition for Pfc. Piestewa (I can think of hundreds of decorated aboriginal-American WWII vets from Arizona more deserving of a memorial). And, incidentally, very little to do with the word "squaw."

This is about politics: Napolitano is a Clinton-administration flunky. This is exactly what I expect out of her. Clinton made a career of crucifying his own employees to score points with voting groups. I'm certainly no Republican, but I'm much more disgusted by the fact that the Democratic party puts "electioneering" ahead of getting real results. Perhaps you Democrats should abandon your party and join up with the greens or socialists or wherever else you best fit in, because the Democratic party is only interested in stealing your money to buy the cheapest votes available.

If Napolitano were willing to accept the mandatory waiting period on the name change, I would have no objection. Her insistence upon pushing it through overnight and humiliating her own employee just proves the real motivation behind the action: She desperately wants to score points on the issue while it's still hot. Waiting five years would get the job done without netting her a lot of hype.

As far as the old name, Squaw Peak, for Christ's sake, get over yourself! Everybody gets offended every day! I'm offended that women think they "own" sex, and it's theirs to ration out as they please. I'm offended that anybody who isn't religious is totally marginalized by our society. I'm offended that commercial establishments bombard me with garbage pop music whenever I'm a customer. And I'm offended that high school dropouts nationwide get more consideration than someone with my education does. So what? Is political action the answer?

I've got an idea: How about you grow the hell up and accept that people are inconsiderate and don't give a rat's ass about what you care about unless they can turn a personal advantage out of it!

Michael Bethancourt

The final word, and a good one at that: Well, I just finished reading all the letters to the editor regarding the renaming of that hill here in the Valley. It completely amazed me how idiotic we have become as a nation. Good God, people, it is just a name change. There wasn't this much indignation when the Good Ol' U.S. of A. invaded Iraq and killed a bunch of folks. Nobody seems to be that upset about Arizona's budget crisis, which threatens basic services such as police and the fire department. No fuss about that, either. But, sweet Jesus, change the signs from Squaw Peak to Piestewa Peak and all holy hell breaks loose. Michael Moore was right; we have become a nation of freaking idiots. Get a grip on reality, folks; there are more important things going on in this state and this world to be all fired up about.

Oh, and by the way, Governor Janet is not exactly Hitler for pushing for the name change. All that does is make her an obvious politician, just like all the others in office.

Oh, and since I'm writing, keep probing the polygamists; they both need it and deserve it.

Pat Beck

Probing Questions

Johnny be good: Another fine article by John Dougherty ("Polygamists Probed," May 1). I copy these articles and mail them to various parts of this country. People cannot believe this goes on in this USA. Good work, John D.!

Did anyone read mention of the plan by Janet N. (you know, the "fist pounding," "I want your resignation" "Gestapo" governor) to rid the state of the "red ink problem"? Did she forget to mention an investigation into the Colorado City "leeches"?

This is a big money drain on us taxpayers -- they drive expensive SUVs, various vehicles, free gas, free maintenance, etc. -- plus welfare, you name it. John D. covered all the money paid out for these deadbeats and he did a good job. But what is the governor doing?

Mac McKeever

Bloody Balladeers

It's Mexican polka music, for Chrissakes: "And then, just for good measure, he gets another reaction from the crowd when he yells, for the second time, Fuck Phoenix, Arizona. It's Phoenix, MEXICO!'" How true ("Border Boyz," Tony Ortega, April 17). Funny -- I don't remember agreeing to hand over my country to these invading scum.... Damn Iraq -- our REAL enemies are right here. Troops on the border NOW.

Dirk James
Via email

Music Blues

Hans-on approach: I am glad to see that you taught your new music editor the art of the blowjob. He sucks the big one as well as all your other music writers (Serene Dominic comes to mind) and previous editors. For years I have read these forlorn writers grieve over why so many of this town's musicians haven't hit the big time. Be it Hans Olson, The Pistoleros or Bruce Connole, your laments overlook a salient reason for their lack of national fame. They stink.

Your "Kick & Scream" dude missed the point because Hans Olson is background music and that is only one reason he's not a big national act ("Spotlight Blues," Christopher O'Connor, April 17). He's the Perry Como of the blues world. Putting him on the same page with Tom Waits is laughable. Waits ain't background music. I have heard ridiculous comparisons to John Hammond, too. If you heard Hammond playing, believe me, you'd stop what you were doing and listen. Not so with Hans.

Why don't you guys actually do your job for a change and start looking at some of this city's bands before they make it big? Every band that has seen a little success in this town received little or no help from the likes of New Times, or your identical twin The Rep, until it was clear they either "made it" or were about to. And please, stop telling us how great these worn-out acts are. They didn't make it for a reason. They are lame. Kind of like New Times' Music section.

Name withheld by request

Road Weary

Hit la calle, Jack: I have been quietly hoping and praying that the editors of New Times would put a stop to the waste of column inches that is "La Calle" (Silvana Salcido Esparza). As a Hispanic male (South American) and longtime resident, I find Ms. Esparza's articles boring and dreary. Her articles only vaguely have anything to do with food; rather, they are more about her Mexican heritage and her childhood memories. Really, why do I care about a stranger's childhood memories if they don't relate to mine or a larger spectrum of the population? Her daddy's old Chevy has nothing to do with me or anyone else. Do the editors fail to understand that there are more than just Mexicans in the Valley when it comes to the Hispanic community? If Ms. Esparza wrote about food and subjects that interject with Hispanic culture, that would be fine, but she doesn't.

I wonder if New Times is just enamored of another "pseudo" celebrity chef that they just had to give her her own column. Please put an end to her silly article each week and give a different perspective of food. I'm sure you can find better writers in house or find different guest writers.

Name withheld by request


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