The Drowning Pool

In over her head: Janis Perry was stuck between a rock and a hard spot, and that is why she pleaded guilty to negligent homicide ("Murky Waters," Paul Rubin, October 18). This is all because the "atmosphere" in Maricopa County, and the jury pool, was tainted because of what transpired in the Vanessa Rico case.

Funny, no one else has since been arrested or charged for any accidental swimming pool or bucket drownings, or for leaving a child in an unattended automobile to roast to death. I'm glad that they weren't. I feel that all of those families already have a life sentence, just as Janis has. All we have left now is prayer, and to try to pick up the pieces.

I have been with my family to hell; now I have to do what I can to try to help bring them back. This is my experience with this situation, and my viewpoint. Any repercussions because of this statement should be directed solely toward me. I will remember all of this when I next go to the voting booth!

George W. Bienek
Janis Perry's stepfather

Rick's take on it: Your article was pretty fair, and it is appropriate to question these decisions. They are never easy. Debate is appropriate.

Rick Romley
Maricopa County Attorney

Whale Tales

Northern exposure: I have just finally dragged my weary eyes to the end of your article "Survival" (David Holthouse, October 11) and I am exhausted right down to my picked-clean bones! I haven't been run through such a gauntlet of human trial and suffering since some old Japanese movie I hesitate to name.

My hat's off to the stalwart journalist mentioned in the article. I look at the world situation and am just about convinced that this is the very end of the game. The trees are gone. The ozone layer soon will be. Children in New Zealand have to cover their bodies completely whenever they go outdoors. The whales are too stinky to eat, and too sick to save.

One should say the same of those Chukotkan rivers you wrote of. These whaling people seem on the very verge of going the way of the Greenland Viking people. I was thoroughly impressed by your writing and by your stunning article. I hope everyone in the USA reads it!

Eric Palmquist
via Internet

Legal Safari

Chisholm trail: I read your column about Safari Media with the same level of regard as one would read the National Enquirer or a supermarket tabloid ("From Ecstasy to Agony," Kristi H. Dempsey, October 18). It is clear you intend on telling only one side of this story.

The quote by assistant attorney general John Evans about me brought to mind a Klansman, a tabloid-worthy statement that was simply senseless and petty. "Have you seen a picture of him?" Evans asked. "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Judging someone on the foundation of appearance. This is the mindset of absolute ignorance.

The photo you showed of us was not taken at a rave. That photo was taken at a CD-release industry event in New York City at one of New York's most respected venues. Safari was not a music company that threw raves. Of the music events we hosted, many promoted products, and were designed to promote artists. Only one event was held at an outdoor venue; all other events were held at established premier industry clubs.

Ecstasy was never affiliated with these events, nor did it have any relevance in this article whatsoever, nor has any drug allegation ever been made against my wife or me. It was simply preposterous to include such an absurd comment in this story beyond the obvious need to raise eyebrows through shock value.

The 146 counts against my wife, of which 87 were shared by co-defendant Thuc Nguyen, are preposterous. Only 20 people are cited as supposed victims out of more than 2,000 investors, not a single one of whom my wife or I had met in person during the time the alleged crimes were committed. These same 20 people are and were documented lenders, or individuals who made their checks payable to Thuc Nguyen.

Our family stands as a united whole. We will not settle, we will not stop fighting. In May of 2000, we made a promise to repay our investors, and regardless of what the state tries to do to stop this, we remain dedicated to seeing each and every one of them repaid.

We will fight this. We will win, and we will not succumb or fall prey to lies, manipulation of fact, or vicious attacks on our character. My wife is not guilty of the charges made against her.

This all will be proven in court. Unless both sides are told, it certainly will not be proven through stories like this.

Mark Chisholm


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