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Sweet but sour: I would like to thank you for last week's article, "Suite and Low" (John Dougherty, November 1). As a former Phoenician, I am absolutely appalled by the actions of the Maricopa County Supervisors' office. I think a grave injustice was done to the United Way, due to the selfish acts of politicians. Taking the tickets from the United Way -- and only paying face value, when the charity could have auctioned the seats for its causes and commanded a greater dollar amount -- is despicable. The charity could have done a lot more with those tickets than what a few selfish individuals did with them. Here is another perfect reason why those who live outside Arizona consider politicians in Phoenix a joke. Not many people would do what these people did, which was basically steal from a nonprofit organization.

Jim Woods

Does this mean Bob Nelson will never win a World Series?: Be aware your article "News From Left Field" (World Series X-Tra!!!, Robert Nelson, November 1) is highly insulting to the Babe. I have had direct contact with him, visit his home often, since I am only an hour from Camden Yards. I am copying Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News so he can document that this warning has been issued.

The Babe has cursed the Red Sox, and you see what has happened to them. He is expecting a full and complete apology from you and your newspaper. He would never cast any shadow over his opponents as you and your paper have done to "his team."

He respects his game, even his opponents. He believes that since you and your newspaper have only had four years to understand the glory of "his game," that you should be extended the opportunity to apologize to him and "his team." You are not to cast opposition into the same category as enemies of "his country," you are not to insult "his fans," you are not to characterize "his team" as you have. Trust me, do not pass this opportunity by.

The Babe is also not happy with the cartoon your paper published of a Yankee Fan in Arizona. He wants you to recall that a mere four years ago, you only tasted the grapefruit league. He is not happy with your gloating over your success, which he reminded me comes from the benefit of the arms of two pitchers. Pitching arms are very frail items; ask David Wells.

Failing to properly apologize will earn you the wrath of Babe. Do not take this warning lightly. How do you think those three errors occurred in Game 3? Those were blown balls, all right, but not by wind.

You and your team do not want to earn Babe's second curse. Apologize to him, respect his game, his team, and the playing field will remain level. Continue the insults and risk his wrath, his second curse.

Mike Mottola
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

How stupid are you?: What are you trying to do to the Diamondbacks? That story is complete garbage! The Diamondbacks would do no such thing! They would never do anything with bin Laden! And I object to the claim of Diamondbacks being associated with al-Qaeda. I've seen that video clip on television and I saw no bobblehead in bin Laden's hand. Mayor Giuliani probably made all this up to make the Yankees look good in New York. I apologize if this story was a joke.

Name withheld by request

We thought that was the sound of beer cans: Hello! Crush the Yanks, huh? The distinct sound of crushing in Yankee stadium on Wednesday evening was that of the D-Backs' hopes being crushed.

But the "world class" teams there in Arizona can at least brag about this: The Cards won a playoff game once and the D-Backs went to the NLCS once.

As a former resident of Arizona, I have interesting conversations in the sports lounge here in Georgia. The good ol' boys ask all kinds of questions. I freely relate how Jerry Colangelo and the sports/stadium authorities there totally rip off the taxpayers and steamroll contrary opinions. We plumb the depths of the tax hikes, cooking the books and bought votes on the county board of supervisors.

Yep, it makes awful good reading, and the good ol' boys always have witticisms laced with irony and sarcasm over the "world class" city in the middle of a now-destroyed desert ecosystem where developers roost like vultures, waiting to alight on yet another pristine piece of Sonoran Desert and install a "world class" development that looks like all the others.

And I tell them: Yeah, for the top 5 percent of the elite living there, I'll bet Phoenix seems world class and destined for bigger things. The BMW crowd is positively giddy over the latest condo development and sports bar downtown. But it's America's Babylon, a place where people are so adrift and dissatisfied, they live through affectation of mediocre sports teams, mega-malls, glass towers and humongo stadiums.

And the local media are, perhaps, the biggest offenders, virtually holding the public in a paper-and-ink headlock whilst yet another scammer shoves something down their throats (or another, unmentionable, body orifice).

And what do the good ol' boys observe about the nation's fastest-growing, world-class city's baseball team? It goes like this: People like them, they don't deserve to win nothin'.

Chris Long
via Internet


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