Dr., No!

Stirrup trouble: I just read your article on Dr. Brian Finkel after my boyfriend handed it to me and said, "Isn't this the doctor you were telling me about?" ("Bedside Matter," Paul Rubin, September 20.) Everything the girls have said and past allegations against Dr. Finkel I believe are true! I myself have seen him under unfortunate circumstances. Most women have had numerous routine pelvic exams and we know what is appropriate contact and what isn't. Dr. Finkel's manner of repeated contact to the clitoris in a deliberate sexually stimulating manner is totally inappropriate and unnecessary. Not only are you completely vulnerable, you are physically in a position of being unable to do anything about it. And what kind of excuse is "abortion may be more discomforting for women with breast implants"? That is ludicrous!

I believe that the reason more women don't make a formal complaint is because they are afraid. Also, they know how difficult it would be to prove such allegations and there is concern about discretion because of the nature of the visit.

Theresa Campos
via Internet

Measure of a man: Bravo! Brian Finkel does have an affinity for breasts. I'm well-endowed, and several times when I've marched in front of the clinic (we pray the rosary there on Saturdays), Finkel has come out and remarked what "big boobs" I have.

I can't say enough in praise of your courageous and well-researched article!

Sue Widemark

What about his teenage patients?: Having just read the article about Brian Finkel, I am amazed and quite saddened that he has gotten away with this for so long. Has anyone considered that since girls under the age of 18 are currently allowed to have abortions without parental consent, that this so-called doctor hasn't performed any of his stunts on any of them? Do you think they would speak up? Of course not! They were frightened and ashamed before they went to see him. So their parents didn't even know they went. Now this "professional" violates them, and do you think they feel better walking out of there? I wonder how many girls overdosed on drugs shortly after seeing this guy, how many attempted suicide, how many are still to this day, years later, feeling terrible about the ordeal.

Finkel claims that pro-lifers (anti-abortion people) are out for him and the type of practice he does. Most definitely we would like to see it banned; but until that day, we certainly believe it should be regulated just as any other profession that can cause serious effects to the people who seek its services. So we ask that you and your readers consider at least joining us in our future efforts to regulate the practice of abortion, as well as supporting our efforts to require parental consent, so that young teen girls don't have to suffer such a traumatic ordeal alone.

Amanda Carlson

South Spark

'hood ornament: I have resided in South Phoenix since 1976. I attended school in the Roosevelt District. I also attended South Mountain High School and graduated from South Mountain Community College. Your article ("Primary Colors," Edward Lebow, August 30) discusses the candidates and their views on District 8, and it also mentions how we feel about the changes happening around here.

Many residents seem to think that they are being left out. Well, I would like to say this: "Get over it!"

I am proud to see the high-priced housing going up along with the modern shopping centers. It's our time, baby. I am proud to hear people say, "I can't believe how South Phoenix has changed." I was not about to stay back or hold my family back, for that matter. Progress is here and I can step up to meet it or run from it. The residents complained when developers were passing us up, and now that they are here, we complain because they are leaving us behind.

I enjoyed your article. It was the information I needed to decide who to vote for, and if my fellow neighbors can't bear to see our old South Phoenix fade away, let them know that they can still catch it. Except now it's on the west side.

Name withheld by request

Roads to Ruin

Desolation boulevard: No! We do not want a stadium ("Hidden Agenda," John Dougherty, September 13)! We do not want a hockey arena! Give us more giant Goodwill stores, bars that open up at 6 in the morning, shopping carts that can be pushed up and down Scottsdale Road and more stores that people who have nowhere else to go can hang out in front of. People, we know what is ruining our city and it isn't the developers. If I wanted to live on 43rd Avenue and Thomas, I would. How long before the coveted Shea Boulevard looks the same as McDowell and Scottsdale roads?

Susan Anthony

Black Sunday: The City of Tempe is betting on the "Field of Dreams" idea: "If you build it, they will come." Unfortunately, "they" may be terrorists.

Can you imagine a Super Bowl at the end of a runway? Tens of thousands of spectators. Hundreds of journalists. Global television coverage. All sitting just below the flight path. No way to tell a commandeered plane from a harmless one.

I think it's inconceivable that Arizona would ever get another Super Bowl because the Tempe site is a suicide terrorist's field of dreams.

Jerome Wake

Local Anti-Aesthetic

Soul on ice: I could write some jacked off letter about how it's "such a shame" and it's "really too bad," but why not simply just cut to the unfortunate chase and state the following: Phoenix Hates Art. Phoenix Does Not Support Artists ("Ice Try," Edward Lebow, September 6).

It's the sad and simple matter of fact. I sincerely wish I had a more positive message after living here for 25 years and being an artist (gasp). Oh, and counterpoint taken: Cities don't hate or discount art, people do.

What a shame. But, hey, the new morgue will probably be great for downtown! It will go hand-in-hand with the morgue that we call our downtown Phoenician nightlife.

Name withheld by request

Get Your Act Together

Kickin' Ash: Are you stupid? The Bash on Ash is for national acts (Best of Phoenix, September 20). The only worthwhile local clubs are Modified and Nita's Hideaway. The Bust on Ass isn't even cool enough for heavy-metal reunions, and it's way too big for local acts with no local scene to support them. It shouldn't even have been in this category. Pay attention to what's going down in this town and you may learn a thing or two.

Mike Corak
via Internet

Pity Party

Cut the rap: I just finished reading about Bryan Erwin and his poor, pathetic life, growing up as a white boy in middle-class suburbia ("Deaf Jam," Jennifer Markley, September 6). He lost his hearing and his best friend in two separate automobile accidents. He needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and stop looking for sympathy from others. Everyone has his share of hard times; that's life. I'm sick of hearing of the sob stories from guys like him and Eminem, and all the other wanna-bes out there. "My life has been so rough. I hate God. I'm gonna kill myself. I'm gonna kill you. Waaaaaa!!!!!"

Grow up and stop looking for sympathy.

Name withheld by request


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