Stadium of Alert

Cost plus: The biggest lie in this whole fiasco is the construction estimate ("Hidden Agenda," John Dougherty, September 13). The new Denver Broncos stadium cost $408 million to build. And all the land and infrastructure was in place as it was erected over the demolished McNichols Arena. Plus, it doesn't have a retractable roof or floor. The Cardinals stadium will easily top $550 million.

Cherie Randall

Deconstruction zone: This whole stadium ruckus is getting way out of hand. It is time to end this. Flat out, the building is too tall for the location. We have witnessed firsthand what a passenger airliner can do to a building. If there is the slightest possibility of risk involving a structure and a plane, it is best to drop the issue completely. America has had enough of this and it is time for local government to rule. It would be nice to have easy access to the game for those who come in from out of town, but nobody will pay to fly here just to be plastered to the side of the building. America is mad because of the unjustified destruction of our way of life, and to continue in this pursuit of "prime location" will only anger us more. Whoever is planning all this should be looking for work elsewhere. The idea of putting a massive building in the flight path of civilians should be a no-brainer. Just like spending millions of dollars to bury pumps in a river so water will flow in it. If water was meant to be there, it would be there. We the people are ultimately paying for all of this, but we will not do it with our lives. Who cares where the stadium is built? Provide a team worth seeing and people will show up no matter where it is. I, for one, would not want to pay to see a game that I could not hear because of low-flying aircraft.

John Wright
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Turning a Def Ear

Bryan's song: Thank you for your story on Bryan Erwin, the deaf rapper ("Deaf Jam," Jennifer Markley, September 6). I must say that I find it amazing that you could spend so much print on him. I do feel sorry for Bryan and the family situation he came from. It seems to me Bryan is another angry dime-a-dozen follower who put himself where he is and still has the audacity and ignorance to blame "the world."

Please don't tell me that a 20-year-old kid has the slightest idea what the world is. I fear that too many kids like Bryan spend too much time watching and learning from the media than from any significant family leaders. The sad irony is that another vibrant young man may waste all of his potential on anger and emotional problems (I hope not).

I've heard and read enough rap "music" to know that these "artists" don't have much to contribute besides an electronic beat, anger and bad taste. I don't fault the crowd for following the rap fad; I've followed fads in my life. I just want to ask the people who call themselves "music critics" and "writers" if they consider angry retorts layered over a monotonous electronic beat "music" deserving of their attention. Certainly it is a story. A sad testimony to a crowd of jobless, talentless people cashing in on the ignorance of a growing mass of sheep with nowhere to go with their anger (except the Phoenix freeways).

Someone once said that "pop" would eventually eat itself. It looks like that fact has manifested itself in what is now referred to as rap. I'm trying to imagine what will evolve out of this; maybe we could just start over. How about musical instruments -- now there's an idea! Anyone remember "shut up and play your guitar"? Let's try it!

Tim Stevens


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