Souse Arrest

Fuzz busters: It's a part of the policemen's job to "serve and protect" the citizens they work for ("Cop Out," Amanda Scioscia, May 17). This was a blatant abuse of the power that policemen have. I think they need to be reprimanded. I am a retired Navy petty officer and have seen better treatment of people overseas in the war-torn areas of Israel, Greece and other places where the policemen should be more likely to abuse power. I feel this type of thing should be shouted from the mountaintop to ensure that it never happens again.

Even if the gentleman was homeless, that gives no person the reason to neglect him or his well-being. I can't understand for the life of me how an officer of any police force who knows of this gentlemen and has had previous contact with this person involved could allow this to happen. You cannot tell me just because his clothes and appearance were good he could not have been that intoxicated. Seems our law enforcement sector has just got one attitude and that is guilty before they are given a good chance of being properly cared for.

I know that police work is not getting easier today, but if we all just turn our backs and don't care for every person whether poor, homeless or whatever they are, we will not survive as a world. My prayers go out to the family of Jack McGhee.

Gregory L. Federick

Asleep at the wheel: Why would police leave a man that drunk out to wander the street, especially nowhere near his home? They should have taken him to jail for the night, or dropped him off at a relative's house. What was their reason for taking him to the spot that they did? And as drunk as the paper said he was, the officers (since they seem to be professionals at spotting a drunk) should have known not to leave anyone that drunk on our streets at night. Not only could he have hurt himself but possibly other people, too. I just think the cops were lazy and they didn't feel like putting up with a drunk, so they just dropped him off like a piece of trash. I may be wrong because the only thing I know about this story is what I read in your article. If the article is true in its entirety, then yes, I do think the policemen were responsible for the man's death.

John T. Figgins
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Wages of Sin

Dirty trick: So how much money did ValueOptions make for itself by not doing its job with Danielle Adair ("AIDS and Abetting," Paul Rubin, May 24)? And how much money did the "compassionate conservatives" in the state Legislature save for the taxpayers by not doing their job? It would have been nice to have those figures listed in that excellent article. Well done, keep up the good work.

James Bailey
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Blue Cheer

Bar none: Thank you for the awesome column about Dave Trippy's life and battle with cancer ("Gone in a Puff of Smoke," Brian Smith, May 17). The Hoodoo Kings were the first band my husband and I saw after moving to Phoenix 10 years ago. Dave was always cordial to my husband, discussing harp techniques and music in general. Take the man at face value. He was an awesome bluesman and brought my husband and me much joy whenever he entertained. Thank God we were able to enjoy his artistry. May he soon be out of pain and with a higher power. Blessings to Carol for her unconditional love and dedication to her companion.

Marsha Freeman
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Groomer Control

Way arf base: Bravo, and thank you for writing the article "Urine the Dog House" (Laura Laughlin, May 17). As a pet groomer, I must say that the customer/clients confidence and trust in the safety of their animal is essential to a good and prosperous business. Having worked at PETsMART for three months while finishing grooming school, I can honestly say that I never witnessed such behavior or cruelty. I know this terrible violation of an animal would never have been tolerated at the store I worked at. I have worked with groomers who thought more of the money and less of the tenderness and gentleness and patience needed when dealing with other people's "children." I am appalled that this groomer was not terminated on the spot for obvious cause. I would certainly never tolerate any employee of mine doing such a vile and thoughtless act of cruelty.

Name withheld by request

Owner, heal thyself: I am appalled by the vindictive action of the dog owner who would not accept an apology from the groomer who made a mistake. I am a longtime animal owner and have loved all my pets from snakes to gerbils to German shepherds. They were all part of the family. But people come first. Why can't he be satisfied with an apology? The groomer was only trying to be helpful. In this case, the punishment of both puppy and groomer do not fit he crime.

Sonny Sternberg
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Creepy Jesus Loves You

Track record: Just in case you're wondering, "the most irreverent surprise" on The Effect of Rage 3: Sisters of the Revolution CD ("Comp Runamok," May 10) was incorrectly attributed to Grand Avenue. It is, in fact, Creepy Jesus' "How I Thought the World Would End When I Was Eight." Especially considering it's the best track on an incredibly lame CD.

Chrissy Taylor


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