Joey to the World

Gabba gabba gab: Although I can't say that I am very familiar with the Ramones outside of the obvious hits, I can tell you that I relate to your story ("Joey Ramone Leaves Home," Brian Smith, April 26). Being a public defender by trade, I have always rooted for the underdog and have more respect for the loser who gives every ounce of his effort than the champion who wins with ease. Here is to the misunderstood, falsely hated, wrongly disrespected, fearless underdog who has the courage to spark change. Keep up the good work.

Chad Pajerski
via Internet

Everybody loves Ramone: I really liked your tribute to Joey Ramone in the April 26 New Times. You hit it right on the head. I always thought it was such a shame that the Ramones did not get the recognition they deserved. The Ramones laid the foundation for much of the music that is played today.

Just before the Ramones quit, they played a concert at the Party Garden on Van Buren. Jonathan L. had Joey on KUKQ just prior to the concert. Joey gave his reasons for the demise of the Ramones. I felt I was losing a friend from my life. The demise of Joey just confirms the loss.

Mike Miller
via Internet

Rock 'n' roll college: I was a freshman in college in 1977 and the Ramones had a bit of a cult following, as did many of the punkish bands of that era. What I don't understand is how did your being a Ramones fan cause you to become a target of bullies? I know what it is like to be a bully target. If you take it, they only come after you all the more, and if you fight them you get in trouble with the school authorities. Please explain to me the connection between the Ramones and your alienation with suburbia and Little League baseball. I especially loved the quote about boredom being a dividend for those too lazy to engage in the use of their intellect. Amen, brother, on that one. Glad to see that you got out of the house at the age of 16. I sure would have liked to leave home when I was 16. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Bill Summers

Kitchy Woman

Rap party: It's about time you started to notice real talent ("Kitch in Sync," Gilbert Garcia, April 19). Kitch Kitchen has been the number one rapper on my list for about four years. I personally know Kitch and, to be honest with you, I have never crossed paths with anyone with as many talents as she has. She writes very good poetry and I think that was kind of her backbone to rapping; her ability to rhyme on paper and put it to a beat really enhances her talent.

Kitch has been heating up the courts and the mike from Brick City to Cali, and now the Valley. I'm from Cali and I saw her rip up the stages before she thought of coming to the Valley, so I know she's going to continue to grow. She has the ability to rap about anything and everything, and to be able to freestyle is truly a gift. I credit Kitch for being able to come out of a rough situation and make the best out of her life, on and off the court. She's definitely a go-getter and I commend her on all her achievements and I wish her all the luck in the world. I also thank her for letting people know that we homosexuals have talent and in this new millennium we will be heard.

Kitch, continue blowing up the stage and hopefully in the future you'll be blowing up the America West Arena, either on court or onstage. Good luck.

Name withheld by request

Dressing Down

Case clothed: Noticing the April 12 article by Amy Silverman ("Skirting the Issue"), it's amusing how she and/or New Times thinks the content of that article is newsworthy. Rich Bank had the concern and courage to stand up to an out-of-control political overdevelopment process that now controls the City of Tempe.

So, poor Mr. Bank, besides getting little support, can only raise perhaps one-twentieth of the campaign funds the current mayor has (Mr. "Special Interest," Mr. "They can't dethrone me"). So alas, Mr. Bank, after attempting a citizen's duty, has to withdraw.

What issue does our "brave" reporter Ms. Silverman report on? The out-of-control overdevelopment in Tempe? The public meetings held in secret? The special interest supporting the present mayor -- things that affect the people of Tempe?

No. Ms. Silverman reports on some private aspect of Mr. Bank's life. Something with no impact on the people of Tempe. What courageous selection of the news to bring to people. (Ha ha!)

Goodbye, free press.

Matt Becker

The Jazz Singer

Scat scratch fever: Recently I enjoyed a light play/musical called The Jazz Club at the Helen K. Mason Center for the Performing Arts. Your paper's review by Robrt L. Pela was ridiculous ("Lady Sings the Blahs," April 5). Does he happen to be deaf, dumb and blind? Get a life, buddy, this is not Broadway! The role of David Stone was perfectly played, and Toni Robinson was magnificent. Beautiful voice, eyes and sense of humor. My personal favorite song was "Strange Fruit." I sincerely hope that Pela's inappropriate review did not scare away people who could have had an enjoyable evening for a reasonable price.

Deanna Taylor


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