Dinosaur-size Error

Call me bonehead: My name is Kevin Curtice, brother of the paleontologist, Brian Curtice, you interviewed for the article "A Bone to Pick" (Lunch Meet, M.V. Moorhead, November 9). The picture referenced in the article was cropped from a larger picture of myself, Brian and my sister Gina. Apparently the person responsible for putting Brian's picture in the article mistakenly took my picture instead! Brian is the other male in the picture.

Although I see why you would want to have a picture of a dashingly handsome young man (I'm two years younger), I'd hate for people to get the wrong impression that I am capable of telling a vertebra from a vegetable, or that I have my advanced degree already! My credibility may be shot at work, especially since I deal mostly with truck drivers at my current job. I'd hate to be referred to as "that edumacated city boy from Feenix" in various Southern accents. (I am working on my MBA at ASU, though, but they don't have to know that.) Brian and I had a good laugh over it! I'm going to frame it -- it may be my only shot at fame, kind of like that guy in the picture of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald in the chest. You know the one -- the guy in the suit to the right is making a scrunched-up face that says, "What is going on here?" as Oswald is crumpling over. I'll take what I can get. At least I know I won't get shot in the process.

Great article, by the way.


Kevin Curtice

M.V. Moorhead responds: The "person responsible," alas, would be me. I was sure Brian told me he was the one in the middle. My apologies. Maybe he can name his next dinosaur Moorheadasaurus peabrainus. Oh well, at least I didn't claim he won Florida.

Square Peg

Taunt city: I was not only shocked, but also disgusted when I read the story about Jessica Jeffries ("Jessica's Hard Time," Jeremy Voas, November 2). It disappoints me to see the way society treats people who are different, and yet acts as if they are trying to change things.

Jessica Jeffries is no child molester. I'll even testify to that fact. I grew up knowing Jessica. We both attended Tomahawk Elementary together. To open up the paper and see this happening to a childhood friend upsets me. Not only did Jessica go to school with me, she also spent the night at my house, and on one occasion, went to church with me.

All of her life, she's been taught nothing but hurt. The echoes of kids calling her names still go through my mind as if it were still happening today. Children threw food, paper and other objects at her. They yelled at her, spit on her and just acted completely horrible toward her. So how can people expect a little girl to know anything but hurt, when that's all she's been subjected to?

I'm not justifying what she did in any shape or form. But I know children can lie, too. These kids may be telling the complete truth. Then again, they may not be. Even if the accusations are true, should Jessica be locked away for the majority of her life? Without any kind of help, what guarantees that she won't do it again? She should be getting help. Not being hurt repetitively.

I don't know where Jessica and I now stand after almost seven years. But if there's any way I can help, I'll be willing to do so. I'd contact all the media from one end of Phoenix to the other if I knew it would help. But for now, I can only stand by, pray, and hope for the best.

While students from our past are going off to school, getting married, moving away and getting on with their lives, Jessica, at age 18, is having her life put on hold. Now honestly, does this seem fair?

Staci Norris
via Internet

Band Saw

Maybe I'm amazed: I just wanted to quickly comment on your article on Dead Hot Workshop ("Seems Like Old Times," Bob Mehr, November 2). All I can say is, "Amazing." I think a lot of people in the Valley had been wondering exactly what has been going on with DHW over the last couple years, and this article seems to answer all questions.

Thanks for the amazing reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mark Reid

Preserve and Protect

Castles 'n' coasters: What is wrong with this city that it can't properly preserve historic landmarks like Tovrea Castle ("Castle Keep," Jeremy Voas, October 19)? The city was supposed to have purchased all 43 acres of the grounds in the last bond election. Thanks for the well-written and deserving story!

Emily Long

The Line Forms to the Right

Winning ticket: The article on the Valley Art Theatre ("Screen Saver," M.V. Moorhead, November 9) was quite informative as I just moved to Phoenix and did not know very much about the Mill Avenue area. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Name withheld by request

Greasing Palms

Station identification: I am a lessee dealer ("Paying the Price," Bob Burtman, October 26). I have the Texaco station located at 19th Avenue and Bell Road in Phoenix. My company is open seven days a week, 365 days per year. Each and every day, we are open for emergency repairs, tire repairs, propane and other services.

Who else will fix your tire on Christmas so you can get where you are going? Who will fill your propane tank at the last minute on Memorial Day? We do! Myself and others provide a community service. Without your patronage for gasoline, we will be gone. It might cost you a few extra cents to use us when you fill up, but think of it as an investment in knowing that we are there when you need us.

If our volume stays up, the oil company will leave us be. If not, we're goners. Think about that next time you have a flat at 8:30 Sunday night and you have to be at work in the morning and we are the only ones open. We need your help to stay in business.

J.B. Dulin


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