Fife and Bum Corps
Fife Symington and his illegitimate fiefdom are taken to task thanks to Michael Lacey and John Dougherty ("Ode to Joyce," Michael Lacey; "A Colossal Liar," John Dougherty, May 15). Symington is just a microcosm of the malaise since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. He is ironically claiming to be "world class" as though this were now a plaudit for himself. Ironically, because, although he wants to appear highbrow for the sake of his trial, to those few in the know (probably none of whom is on the jury), he's also saying, "Heck, this is the system."

Symington apparently has mistaken himself for a Rothschild or a Rockefeller, something that favorite sons of the system such as John McCain know better than to do. The larger tragedy is that the system of finance that this nation has unwittingly allowed to be foisted upon itself for almost an entire century has made "world class" mean "in the gutter."

Susan Blake

With reference to John Dougherty's Fife Symington article in the May 15 issue ("A Colossal Liar"): One thought--if Symington had not told the federal government to "shove it" with all of its unfunded mandates, do you think these charges would have been brought? (Please stop using "gay" for "homosexual"!)

Harold Gaye

Thanks to the entire New Times staff for its ongoing coverage of the political machinations and legal misdeeds of our governor, the "honorable" J. Fife Symington III. For years this publication has been one of the few voices telling the truth about the governor and the damage that he has done to our state, and that, in itself, deserves the gratitude of the people of Arizona.

Thanks also to New Times for the additional service of providing the texts of these articles on the Internet. As an Arizona native attending school in Texas, I found it difficult to keep up with the latest crimes, misdemeanors and idiocies of Symington and his cohorts. Then I investigated New Times' Web site. Now I am able to follow the trial in its every damning detail (though hardly surprising, considering that New Times has already revealed those details to the reading public). Keep fighting the good fight.

Mark Klobas
via Internet

Drum and Drummer
It was misleading for Terry Greene Sterling to imply that the student she wrote about was somehow transformed by playing steel drums ("Little Drummer Boy," May 1). He was a little happier and proud of himself, but did not show the motivation for academic improvement as stated in the column. Music instructor Keith Ballard is talented, but I was pleased to see that Greene Sterling saw the more difficult aspects of his personality.

Jane Juliano is exceptionally devoted to the children in the Wilson School District. She has been pivotal in bringing about major changes. She was recognized by the Honeywell corporation as its 1994-95 Principal of the Year. She has put in many extra hours, first as a teacher, then as a school psychologist, a director of special education, a vice principal, and now, a principal.

Prior to Juliano's principalship, Wilson Primary School was not the dynamic campus it is today. Juliano implemented a summer-camp program for 54 students and arranged yearly sponsorships that ensure Christmas presents for every child at Wilson school. Maintaining these and many other programs year after year is a statement of her continual foresight and dedication.

The letters to the editor implied that Juliano is prejudiced, but this could not be further from the truth. She supports and encourages multicultural teaching in her hiring practices. Her son attends Wilson school, a school that is representative of a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Juliano is most noted for her gentle manner, and it is difficult to imagine an adult or a child ever being treated unfairly by her. It saddens teachers to see Juliano's name maligned when she has done so much for the students and deserves only support and help to continue to provide the best for the students and their community.

Jackie Watkins

Radio Sack
For being such a well-read man, David Winkler doesn't have a clue ("Beware of the Dogma," Tony Ortega, May 8). If he has the time, when not lurking in the background keeping watch over KFYI-AM's John Dayl and others, I suggest he read Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, by Jerry Mander--a book which could as well be directed toward all media. And I'd ask Winkler if it's true that text out of context is pretext, or nothing more than a whiner whining?

Mike Seibert

Changeling Prince
Poor David Holthouse didn't get to hear his favorite song at The Artist's concert (Coda, May 8). I agree that a stiff shot of "Pop Life," "1999," "Nothing Compares 2 U" and "Cream" would have weakened the knees and quickened the heartbeats of all who attended this extravaganza.

I don't believe the audience that stood in enthusiastic ovation during most of the concert enjoyed that master of showmanship's offering of heat, grace, charisma and unique angelic/wicked persona any less just because he chose to take those of all "power generations" with him that night as he demonstrated his latest musical transformation.

Jae L. Richardson

Welcome Waggin'
I have met Dr. Lise LaBarre and found her to be a very sane person ("The Truth About Cats & Dogs," Terry Greene Sterling, March 27). People seem to think because a person opens her home to a lot of animals that she must have lost a few marbles--maybe some have, but not LaBarre. I cannot believe that her son is better off in a Child Protective Services shelter. At age 13, the child is old enough to decide where he wants to live, and if after having lived with Lise LaBarre (the only person he knows as "Mom") he wants to stay with her, I see no reason he shouldn't.

Rather than criticizing and threatening Lise LaBarre, let's do something to stop the overpopulation. There is no valid excuse anymore since the opening of spay/neuter clinics that offer lower prices. Also, there are programs for people who can't afford it (they may have to show proof of income).

I'm not a wealthy person, but if I can afford to spay and neuter, not only my pets but strays I've taken in and found homes for, on my budget, anyone can. It is the individuals' responsibility as pet owners to spay and neuter their pets, and it is our responsibility as a community to make sure it happens.

Vicky DiLuzio

A photo in the May 22 issue incorrectly identified jury consultant Dr. Jeffery Boyll as jury consultant Howard Varinsky. The photo was made from a videotape at KTVK-TV Channel 3 for a New Times story about Varinsky. However, technicians at the studio inadvertently cued Boyll's image. New Times and KTVK regret the error.


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