Priority Mail
New Times' cover for March 6 is disgusting! A child with a cigar in his mouth! It is illegal for children to smoke, even those in rock bands! This boy is a role model, and New Times is blatantly supporting a sick message ("Straight Outta Scottsdale," David Holthouse).

Also on this cover is the small headline "Feds say sexual misconduct in women's prisons is unconstitutional." Tony Ortega's article is only one page! An 18-month investigation, and all New Times can come up with is a one-page article? Why is inhumane treatment of prisoners in women's prisons less important than 14-year-old boys in a rock band? Where is the priority?

I am saddened, nauseated and outraged at the priority I see. This is just one more abuse of women--putting the musical careers of four young boys above the criminal abuse of women. These women could be suffering more from the limp coverage New Times offers, last night, tomorrow morning. What is happening to them?

Please follow up on this story and give it the coverage it deserves. None of the prisoners in the state, female or male, deserves to be mistreated by prison employees.


As a member of the band Flotsam & Jetsam--and a supporter of the local music scene for the past seven years--I must admit the cover story devoted to Chronic Future has really put things in perspective for me. It's bad enough that for the most part, New Times devotes its cover to the constant whining of its editorial staff hell-bent on uncovering the next big mistake by our oafish governor.

Most of New Times' advertising dollars come from the entertainment industry in the Valley. To make things worse, music editor David Holthouse now makes the veterans of the local music scene (Sacred Reich, Sepultura, Fred Green, Frank White and the Spades, Crushed, Core, Flotsam, et al.) stomach this.

Even I was naive enough to think that a newspaper so devoted to honor, integrity and truth would be a lot more expensive to buy off. Apparently, Chronic Future's wealthy camp has more power than my lowly little band with its 15 years and six records.

Jason B. Ward
via Internet

Abridged Too Far
Robrt L. Pela's review of The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged) as performed by Actors Theatre of Phoenix states that the show is "acted by the Reduced Shakespeare Company (in this case, local actors Gerald Burgess, Jon Gentry and Scott Hopkins)" ("Banquo Is Me," January 30).

This is untrue. The Reduced Shakespeare Company is a professional company with a trademarked name. ATP's local actors are, well, local actors. The Reduced Shakespeare Company was in no way associated with the ATP production of the Compleat Works.

Jess Winfield, founding member, Reduced Shakespeare Company;
Co-author, The Compleat Works
of William Shakespeare (abridged)
via Internet

Bye-Bye Buys
I don't live in the Valley anymore, but I make a point of going to Last Chance whenever I come back for a visit ("Possessed!," February 13). I always shunned discount places which did not offer any real bargains; however, when I discovered Last Chance, I was transformed! I found myself exhibiting some of the characteristics of the people in Amy Silverman's article. I feel like I lose myself in that Nordstrom store, buying things I don't necessarily need.

Who can really pass up a true bargain?
Monica Meling
via Internet

I am a frequent shopper at Last Chance. I try to go there once a week. Shopping there can be addicting! The unabashed rudeness of the clientele is unbelievable! I really feel for the employees; they get it from the mobs. Well, for all that Last Chance offers, I do hope the store stays in town.

Olga de la Cruz
via Internet

I enjoyed Amy Silverman's article about Last Chance. I was able to buy my daughter a pair of Dr. Martens for Christmas. Price, just $20. I just wondered if Last Chance is considered a secondhand store since most or all of the stuff has been used before. Does its business license reflect regular retail or secondhand store?

George Guiver
via Internet

Amen Behind Bars
Thanks to Lee Jenae for the letter giving us an insight into the thinking of a weekly church attender who is also a supporter of Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Letters, March 6). If this letter represents the thinking of a large number of churchgoers, no wonder Arpaio is so popular, with little public pressure to improve the conditions in Maricopa County jails.

Historically, churches have been in the forefront of prison reform and humane treatment for inmates. If ever there was a time for churchgoers to step forward to challenge the current attitudes, conditions and systems, it is now. Remember, "Revenge is mine," saith the Lord.

Glenn L. Rubright

Boys in the Band
I am surprised to actually find fault in New Times, but as a journalist myself, I am trained to think through any statement I may make. In February 27's Coda, I noticed that a band called Chopper One was playing. Now, I know of this band, being a Weezer fan, and know the past, present and people who have anything to do with Weezer. New Times stated that Chopper One (ex-guitarist of Weezer) was to play Nita's Hideaway on March 13, both in the Nita's Hideaway advertisement and in the South by Southwest column by David Holthouse.

True, a member of Chopper One, Jason Cropper, was at one time a member of Weezer. This was in 1993-94. When it received a deal with DGC, Jason left, and Brian Bell was called in. He is now the guitarist, and has been since the first album. That was all four years ago. New Times' quick kick of information, letting people know he was once a part of Weezer, caused false assumptions.

Weezer's current tour just stopped and people who don't know of Chopper One or Weezer may assume that Brian Bell has gone into a new band, which is completely false. He's still in Weezer, and while Weezer is not touring, Bell is working with his side project the Spacetwins in L.A. This was the first thing that I thought of, and I'm hoping it didn't give some people the idea that Bell has gone away and joined another band. As much as I like Chopper One, and enjoy the little publicity it is receiving, even if it is just a snippet of it, I don't think that the side heading of the band should contain the ex-Weezer guitarist.

Jason Cropper and his band are obviously trying to go somewhere with Chopper One, and if they wanted to be labeled like that, they would have named their band Ex-Guitarist of Weezer. It is a stupid, thoughtless remark and it really made me quite angry. Maybe next time New Times will think through something before it writes.

Jen Hagen


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