Letters From the Issue of Thursday, August 16, 2007


A real "no-brainer": Regarding buses . . . Let's see, who were those other contractors bidding on the contracts ("Taken for a (Bus) Ride," Sarah Fenske, August 9)? Where were the quotes from those contractors who felt "cheated" that they did not get the contract?

The mayor did this because he got a $3,200 contribution from the company?


Phoenix transit

Question: Why doesn't New Times donate $3,200 to the mayor if you think his vote is for sale? I'm sure you can come up with a way to study something for the city that would entitle NT to at least a $1 million contract.

And I suppose you know from personal experience how bad the bus system is? How many of your friends, acquaintances, and/or work associates use the bus as their main source of commuting?

How long did it take to write this "no-brainer" article?? Was this one of your slow-news-week file stories? How come I always have to wash my hands after reading NT? Must be the ink.
Robby Katz, Phoenix


Please give us a real park: Good call on downtown ("The Big Cheesy," Sarah Fenske, August 2). What kind of qualifications do you need to be a city planner in Phoenix? I'm guessing if you hosted a couple of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey parties, you'd meet the minimum requirements.

I can't tell you how many times I've had friends or family visit and they ask, "What's there to do downtown?"

Ahh, nothing. Oh wait, I did take my dad to the Heard Museum one time. I made sure to point out the CVS across the street before hopping back on the highway and heading home. We were short on time, so Dad didn't get to watch the pharmacist fill a prescription. Maybe next time, Pops.

And for this being a conservative state, somebody in Phoenix found a very liberal definition of "park" when they threw all those bricks into Patriots Square. Other cities have real parks. San Diego has Balboa Park. New York has Central Park. Boston has The Commons. Couldn't the powers that be just hire a golf course developer and just leave out the holes?

Other cities have reinvented their downtowns (e.g., San Diego, Providence, Rhode Island). Why can't Phoenix? Maybe someday, huh?
Mark Snyders, Avondale

Lory is a qualified dude: Get a grip, Sarah, before touting that the only qualification Bozo's opponent [Steve Lory] has is that he's a nightclub owner. It's an insult to the only qualified candidate. He's also an attorney who was born and raised in Phoenix. He has correctly articulated the problems with the corruption in City Hall.

He's brought up the fact that Phil Gordon gave two developers $222 million dollars for our so called "downtown development." And the fact that crime has increased during the Gordon's reign.
Glenn Haney, Phoenix

Everybody into Phils pocket: The mayor is horrible. I never voted for him, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why people still vote for him and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Our dear, loving mayor kicked mom-and-pop store owners out of their places of business so he could watch young girls walk to his new pride and joy, ASU downtown.

Then he has a ginormous campaign fund. Look, if any politician can raise 500 percent over their normal campaign funding, then that means he has made some pretty big promises to pretty big businesses. In my opinion, that makes him a closet crook.

Another reason why he sucks: Maryvale (Phoenix's worst neighborhood, according to some) has no streetlights. Yup, you wonder why people are getting shot, raped, and why the elderly get lost. During the serial shootings, still there were no streetlights.

When was the last time the mayor asked the residents of Phoenix for your opinion on a development project? His brilliant idea: ASU was gonna save downtown. Are you flippin' serious?!
Name withheld by request


Not all of us are rednecks: Let me just say up front that ignorant, racist, bigoted rednecks do not represent the majority of Phoenix voters who have been supporting the propositions the radio team on El Break has been trying to encourage listeners to fight ("!Viva Radio!" Megan Irwin, August 2).

I am a weekly reader of your paper and I really don't appreciate the shallow, hollow argument that illegals and New Times, including columnist Stephen Lemons, have represented over the past months: That on one side are brown people and, on the other, are ignorant white people who hate brown people. That is total crap!

The facts are really simple: We have laws that govern immigration. For far too long, employers and big businesses have been getting away with murder when it comes to wages, benefits, and employment practices. That is the real issue. It's about exploitation of illegal aliens in the name of a bigger bang for employers' bucks.

Add the well-known fact that we're a right-to-work state, and now you've got the whole picture. This is not about Hispanic people, or hatred of them. This is about violators of laws already on the books. It's about employers (both commercial and private) and illegal aliens.

The people of Arizona have spoken. We want justice. These propositions are because of businesses that operate illegally. Americans are tired of being ripped off by them, having our benefits cut, our insurance snatched away, living in fear that these business owners will hire law-breakers and pay them on the cheap to replace us.

Just call me the average Arizona resident, because this is how we in this state really feel. Rusty Childress isn't us. J.T. Ready definitely isn't us ("Rusty's World," The Bird, July 12). And do you even have to ask about Joe Arpaio?
Christian T. Black, Phoenix

Its just so hard to take you seriously: You know, it's really sad how so many people here in Phoenix are so pro-wetback. This isn't Mexico, and why should anyone go out of their way for a wetback? They are rude, disgusting men who sicken me. They have no respect for women at all.

All my life, I have been pursued by this type of man. Now I read your article about this bullshit about a stupid wetback radio station in America. The show shouldn't even exist, and all that wetback music sounds the same.

We need to have more English-speaking radio stations to remind them that this is America. They are in our country, we are not in theirs. Speak English, and when I go to Mexico, I will speak Spanish.
Tommie Preston, Glendale

Pay for it!: I really don't give a damn about that radio station's cause. I came to this country from Poland to work and make a better life for my family and me. You Mexicans want free education paid with my taxes. If you want to protest, do it in your country of origin. You want free education, free health care, the whole enchilada — pay for it!
Pietre Lomain, Chandler

More hunger strikes in Mexico, please: Thanks for the enlightening article. It proves that most illegals have no real loyalty to America, or any interest in becoming bona fide Americans. They dance around the topic of why they don't want to stay in Mexico.

If they want to protest something or go on hunger strikes, why don't they start by doing it in Mexico City? That's where it's really needed.

If more Mexicans stayed put and worked for change in their home country, I think we'd all be better off. Including them. I might have a more sympathy and respect for them if the majority did that.
Name withheld by request


Three cheers for Sunnyslope: I loved your article on Sunnyslope ("Sunnyslopetopia," Robrt L. Pela, July 26)! I am a physician who practices in northeast Scottsdale, and my husband works for an advertising agency in central Scottsdale. My husband discovered Sunnyslope while hiking and biking, and when he originally introduced the idea of purchasing a house in Sunnyslope, I was doubtful.

We did one walk-through of a partially completed house and, standing in the living room, looking out the front window at the incredible view of the Phoenix skyline and South Mountain, I turned to him and said, "This is our home."

We've lived here for 3 1/2 years, and I can't imagine living anywhere else. We ride our bikes on the canal, hike the mountain behind us.

We always enjoy watching the curled lip and slight sneer of people when we tell them that we live in Sunnyslope. Even more, we enjoy when those same people come to our house and are blown away by the view and the cozy neighborhood.
Cathleen A. McCarthy, Phoenix


What were they thinking?: What the hell! New Times pulls the plug on a band that it featured on its cover not long ago! What kind of idiots work there?! Kudos to music editor Niki D'Andrea for having the balls to call bullshit on her own business department ("More Bad Habits," August 2).

Did any of the dillweeds employed by New Times at the show realize that this was a punk competition?! And who says throwing communion wafers into the audience is a bad thing, anyway? It's not like they tossed a pedophile priest into the mosh pit. Now that I would've liked to have seen!

As for that dumbass who commented that the New Times wouldn't have allowed a puppy to be sacrificed at a show, well . . . has the idiot ever heard of what Ozzy Osbourne did back in the day? She would've pulled the plug on Oz!

And people wonder why some of us say New Times isn't as cool as it used to be — back before it gave jobs to fuck-heads like the ones in charge of the decision at the NunZilla show. These folks need to remember that they're working for an alternative paper!
Tommy Gonzalez, Phoenix

Tirades are okay sometimes: Let me preface this by stating that in no way am I casting stones at the author of this article. This isn't so much an article as it is a mild tirade. In this case, I think it belongs somewhere in the "Letters" section. The reason I'm complaining is, the story doesn't say a single thing about how the actual show played out.

It doesn't mention anything about the performances given by any of the other bands, save one, that appeared that evening. It has absolutely zero to say about the music that this whole "Summer of Sound" thing is supposed to be about. Yeah, so there was some butting of heads over a band's shtick. That band still played the show.

Did the whole event come to a screeching halt? Was everyone made to leave the venue? Did NunZilla members have to shed their attire and head off to the nearest church for meeting via the Internet with the pope? Were there other performances after NunZilla? I wouldn't know because this article doesn't share anything about the show except that so and so did such and such to you know who and blah blah blah!
Name withheld by request


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