Letters From the Issue of Thursday, July 19, 2007


A vampires on the line: I couldn't stop reading Michele Laudig's "The Wheel World" (July 5). I haven't seen the Comedy Central show yet, but I can't wait. I love stories about people who follow their dreams and wind up cashing in.

You know why? Because that almost never happens, and we all want to believe that our particular dream has a ghost of a chance! Also because this show sounds really funny. I love Flight of the Conchords and Da Ali G Show because they are so fucking wrong, and this one seems to go a step further.


The Bird

You've had two stories on Phoenix-area people who have made it big in the entertainment business in the past few issues. The story on vampire author Stephenie Meyer ("Charmed," Megan Irwin, July 12) was also interesting, in that she came upon the idea for her novels in a dream.

But I think Meyer sells herself short; few of us could turn even such an inspiring dream into a series of successful books. She must have possessed genius all along.

I've been working on a music career for a while now, and I was thinking of giving up, like Sam Greene was about his Hollywood career, but now I'm going to give it a little more time. Maybe I'll wake up one morning with an idea for a hit single, I'll pitch it to a record company, and, someday, I'll get that phone call from some music business bloodsucker.
Rod Matthews, Las Vegas

Not just for the kids: Fascinating story on Stephenie Meyer. She's truly a literary genius on the level of J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame. I've loved all of Rowling's books, and I've loved Meyer's — and I'm pushing 60, not 16. My point is, neither of these authors is just for the kids.
Claudia Wilson, San Diego


Whats wrong with Nazis, anyhoo?: You want to know who's the real racist around here? It's Stephen Lemons, because he's prejudiced against white people who haven't been to school much and want to stand up for their own kind. His hatred of us was obvious in his latest article ("Rusty's World," The Bird, July 12).

Lemons is a potty-mouth who believes that calling us names will keep us from hating Mexicans. Well, he's wrong! We will continue hating Mexicans as long as they keep coming to our country and doing criminal activity. We all know that all these animals want to do is take over our country.

Someday, everybody will see that J.T. Ready, Rusty Childress, Buffalo Rick Galeener and State Representative Russell Pearce were patriots trying to keep America for Americans. The Bird keeps bringing up that J.T. is a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi, but what's wrong with that? If we hadn't let the so-called African-Americans get out of hand, we wouldn't be having this Mexican problem now.

I demand that you fire Stephen Lemons for being a traitor to this country, for hating his own kind and for spreading filth for even Christian children to read! He can't write without using dirty words. If you don't, I'm going to tell all your advertisers that he's a racist, and they won't advertise in your filthy rag anymore! Then, you'll go out of business!

Because I've attended a Rusty Childress meeting at his Kia dealership, my own kid considers me a racist. How can I be a racist when all I want to do is make sure the white race gets the breaks it deserves in its own damn country? I ask you that! Young people just don't get it.

If I ever see tub-of-lard Lemons on the street again at an anti-illegal-immigration rally, he'd better move over to the other side, because what he's written in The Bird about the patriots mentioned above (he even called Buffalo Rick a "Buffalo chip") are fightin' words!
Betty Ruth Jones, Phoenix

"Patriots," my ass!: Who the fuck do these lazy, gap-toothed [anti-Mexican-immigration] morons think they are to call themselves "patriots"? Go back to high school and get your GEDs, you pathetic, jobless shit-kickers.
Name withheld by request

Um, invective is a noun: Stephen Lemons is bigot, a hack, and a hypocrite. Please stop printing such rank, invective drivel.
Name withheld by request

Who says we dont?: To the person who wrote "Redneck Touchdown" (The Bird, July 5): If you have to label someone, like you've done in this article, you're prejudging people (i.e., prejudice) and are real close to be a racist.

And it's people like you who ruin this country. We do not want you here, either!

To people like you, it's okay to support: economic invaders (who steal jobs from legal citizens), trespassers, tax evaders, people who harbor criminals and overloading our health care system.

Hey, why not support your local crack whore or pimp or junkie? I'm real surprised that a cool paper like New Times allows the writer of The Bird to have a job!

The people are tired of politics, Rape-publicans and Demon-crats. Just give me a law-abiding American that's not in a corporation's pocket.
Name withheld by request

You heard it right, Snuffy: To the author of this ridiculous "Redneck Touchdown" article: So anybody who is fed up with the shit that's going on in this country as a result of this illegal invasion/infiltration, and shot-less coup d'etat by the fine citizens of Meh-Hee-Coh is a wing-nut? A knuckledragger? A Skoal user?

What high horse did you ride in on? You're absolutely wack! We won the day! Listen up, Jethro, we stood up for ourselves and the USA and sent a potent and powerful message that it will no longer be business as usual.

The atmosphere is changing. Illegal immigration will no longer be tolerated. We're finished being taken advantage of. We're finished being insulted by the same people who are sponging off us and having our flag messed with.

We're tired of their arrogance, their rude behavior, their ridiculous sense of entitlement and their demand for "rights." We're tired of them calling citizens of European decent "trespassers" and comparing us to Nazis. We're sick of it, and now they darn well know it. So do our politicians.

If I were an illegal, I'd start packing up the old '81 Corolla for a road trip south. Real soon. This is only the tip of the iceberg. You can call us all the names you want.
Name withheld by request

Gahead, call him a Nazi: When, oh, when, will the liberals stop applying labels to make things seem like something they're not. Like a "pro-immigrant rally." What a crock of crap! It was and will always be remembered as a pro-illegal immigrant rally!

There is not a red-blooded American, redneck or otherwise, who will not stand up and support legal immigration into these United States of America! What we are sick and tired of is illegal immigrants trying to sway what is the law!

If I am in violation of federal law, I will go to prison for it. These lawbreaking illegal immigrants want us to turn our heads again and again until they are the majority in this country, and we will have no country!

Case in point. I was at a 4th of July celebration, a celebration of America's independence, and a Latino DJ from an R&B radio station was on the loudspeaker screaming for Latinos in the crowd to yell and scream for pride in the Red White and Green!

Are you fuckin' kidding me?! I am not alone in feelings of rage at this sort of bullshit! So you can call me any name you like. Redneck. Nazi. Bigot. Racist. White supremacist. It just doesn't matter. I am an American! My grandfather immigrated to this country from Germany and my grandmother from Norway.

They quickly enrolled in classes to learn English and immersed themselves in Americana. There is a damn good reason for making immigrants jump through some hoops to become citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. It instills pride in America. It forces one to learn of our cherished history and how we came to be.

This mass amnesty that you are so sad to see die a quick and timely death is just not good for America. I am glad that another knee-jerk reaction by this pathetic excuse for a Congress has failed to be acted upon. There needs to be honest debate in this country about immigration reform, but it should not ever include allowing 12 million lawbreakers to simply have their way, well, just because.

Please, please, please stop calling them immigrants. If you or I did the same thing they are doing in Mexico, we would be locked up and perhaps never released. This has got to stop! The answer is not just letting them in just because they want in!
Name withheld by request

Rape "our" women? Whaaa?: You suck. Yes, let's applaud illegal immigration and the utter ruin of our sovereign English-speaking nation. All of us as taxpaying legal citizens love paying for these criminals who invade our country, rape our women, murder the innocent, and suck away free health care, et al. Think before you write, asshole!
Name withheld by request

Oh, Lemons believes it!: Stephen Lemons is a bigot, a hack, and a hypocrite. Trust me, I know. Don't engage him. The fat, disgusting piece of shit doesn't believe half the garbage he writes. It's just for shock value, people. Nothing more.

He needs to worry less about matters such as this, and worry more about mixing in a salad every once in a while. Oh, and a shower once or twice a week.
Name withheld by request


Dream on, furious one: Maybe when you've got a little more than a few months of work experience under your belt, you'll realize that snarky remarks and pretentious references aren't enough to disguise the hackery of poor writing ("A 'Dreamy' Display," Matthew Neff, June 28).
Ed Fury, via the Internet

The Canyons a ho!: Interesting. However, I must take issue with your snide comments regarding the Grand Canyon.

What did the Grand Canyon ever do to you? Now, I'm not one to jump to conclusions regarding the sordid past of a complete stranger, but I'm willing to bet that the Grand Canyon has never once: A) Killed your father.

B) Engaged in a long-term relationship with you then unexpectedly stopped calling, leaving you confused and heartbroken only to find out later that it has been talking about you behind your back about what a disappointing lover you are.

C) Straight-up raped you.

D) All of the above.

Poor Grand Canyon. Stop the hate.
Name withheld by request


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