Letters from the issue of Thursday, June 5, 2008


Doddering Joe: Whatever you think of Joe Arpaio, the codger's too old to be sheriff of Maricopa County. At almost 76 (he'd be 80 by the end of his next term!), he's showing his senility every day with the stupid things he does ("Brown Out," Stephen Lemons, May 29).

Sometimes, I don't think Arpaio knows exactly what he's doing. It seems he's just being told what to do and say by his handlers. Probably Chief Deputy David Hendershott, who then tells one of his legion of flacks to pull the strings of the marionette this way or that.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Often, under questioning from the media, Joe seems truly perplexed. As though he can't comprehend the questions. He then will start spouting his mantra about being the "toughest sheriff in America" and how he won't cotton to criminals in these parts. He's like a cartoon character. Imagine an evil, wrinkled Goofy.

I'm not saying Arpaio has anything against the policies his cronies put forth. He's got nothing against killing pretrial detainees in his jails; he created the atmosphere of cruelty in his lockups back before his mind started to go. Now his henchmen must carry this culture forward or face extinction. It's sad — hugely sad for the people in his clutches, which could include any one of us.

That's what people who support him need to understand. If any one of them got caught in his web, he would show no mercy. That they supported him in his racist quest to drive Hispanics (oh, sorry — Mexicans) from our midst would have no sway.

You know, it's just time for him to go away. He's always been a third-rate badge-wearing blowhard. Cunning, not at all intelligent. Now he's a senile, Nazi badge-wearing blowhard. Please, please vote him out of office in November!
Howard Stevens, Phoenix

A dictator like Joe: I loved Stephen Lemons' story on Guadalupe. I've never been to the small town, but I now feel that I've not only been there but lived there — even lived through the terrible siege by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his crew.

This was the best story I've read on the immigration situation. The history provided was rich in detail. Made me understand how entrenched Guadalupe residents really are. These citizens are Americans to the very core, coming here to escape oppression, just like our country's founders did from England in the 1700s.

The article makes you really see how, in the hands of a dictator like Joe, things can go terribly wrong. How somebody who's been allowed to run over anybody he pleases can use the need for action on the illegal immigration situation to trample the constitutional rights of American citizens.

And, as I said, these small-town residents — who have lived in their homes for generations — are the very essence of what it means to be an American.

As for Joe, it's all for the purpose of getting his face on the boob tube so he can get votes in the next election. Sad.

Thanks for putting this complicated issue into perspective. I feel like "Brown Out" gave me a real education.
Mallory John, Phoenix

And there's a lot of it to see through: Hell of a story by Stephen Lemons on the marauding monster Joe Arpaio! Lemons is one of the few journalists in Phoenix who sees through the bullshit. Sarah Fenske is another (see her column, "Racketeering for Jesus"). They deserve raises!
Pete Reynolds, Phoenix

Godzilla with a badge: Loved your cover illustration! And what an accurate portrayal of our beloved Sheriff of Naziham. He really is Godzilla with a badge! Just hope your article shakes some sense into the voting populace of this hare-brained county. We cannot let this kind of tyranny continue!
Sheila Ann Dennis, Phoenix

One fewer vote for Joe: I just finished reading your "Brown Out" article, and I was blown away by it! I've lived in Phoenix for only two years (I grew up in D.C.), and back home, I can't ever remember hearing or seeing the sheriff in any news coverage ever. I couldn't name one of the sheriffs there.

I'm amazed at how Sheriff Joe comes across, and I can tell you that I won't be voting for him in the next election. I would love to see New Times publish a side-by-side comparison of Arpaio and his Democratic opponent Dan Saban, if that isn't already planned.

Thank you, and I look forward to next Thursday.
Dave Munsell, Phoenix

Kudos to the mayors Gordon and Jimenez: I'm sorry, but this Guadalupe thing has made me want to leave this county forever. Why is it that we allow this SS commandant and his storm troopers to run over the tiny town of Guadalupe? Well, it's the same reason we have allowed him to run over Phoenix.

The mayors of both Guadalupe and Phoenix are to be commended. They are the only politicians who had the nerve to stand up to Joe and his bullshit. The governor and others only came along when it was safe to do so.

Your Guadalupe story should be must reading for anybody living in this county. Unless you're a racist retard, you couldn't possibly vote for Arpaio after reading this.
Beth Adams, Phoenix

An un-American way: I really can't understand why this city and state is putting up with this. Most everyone I talk to doesn't understand, or [they do] understand and want something done about it.

It seems that the mayors of Phoenix and Guadalupe are the only ones who have the rights of Arizona citizens on their minds. This maniac Arpaio needs to be stopped.

Most of us have been involved with or know these immigrants who have come here to feed their families and share in the American dream. We know them to be great people and welcome them to America to live next to us. (They already do.)

They have added to our great country, and I love their culture and beliefs. To have them terrorized in this way is sickening and totally un-American in every way. America was built by and for immigrants who want a better way of life.

If the Statue of Liberty's inscription was not written for them, then who? Thanks to Stephen Lemons for being a voice of reason in this ridiculous mess.
Anthony Wesley, Glendale

What's the deacon's problem?: This guy [church deacon] Santino Bernasconi is full of shit. He blasts the sheriff. Then he blasts one of the few politicians who's stood up to Sheriff Joke: the mayor of Guadalupe.

Self-important tools like him make his little town look stupid. Mayor Rebecca Jimenez, if retards like Bernasconi drive you from office, come on over to Tempe and run for something. I'll vote for you.
Mike West, Tempe

One of the best: "Brown Out" is one of the best articles that I've read in New Times in a long time. Kudos to the writer and to everyone who contributed.
Ted Nelson, Phoenix

Where does the corruption end?: Arpaio's completely lost it. Does he actually think we're just going to take his word for things?

I mean, he's done so well with that in the past: Honduras most recently ("Jabba in Paradise," The Bird, January 24). When does the B.S. and corruption end? Is he above the law? Thankfully, the FBI and state Bar are taking action [the feds by investigating Arpaio and the bar by investigating County Attorney Andrew Thomas. See also "Who's Sorry Now?," October 25, 2008].

Otherwise, it's like dangling a piece of meat in front of a tiger. You know the sheriff's going to attack and devour. You just don't know when.

And what's with kicking reporters out of a publicly funded building ("Arpaio tells a $400 million whopper . . .")? Isn't that a violation of the First Amendment?

I hope one day that 200 people get together and pull an Al Sharpton protest — sit in front of [Arpaio's offices] praying for him to leave. What are they going to do, say it's MCSO property and arrest people for trespassing when [his offices] are paid for with taxpayer money?

I'd love to see that one.
David Saint, via the Internet

Kick Joe out of his building: The sheriff and his staff need to be moved out of the luxury office building Wells Fargo. The taxpayers can't afford it. Many are losing their homes, and Arpaio has cost us millions. It's time for some serious downsizing in the county and state!
Name withheld by request

Decrepit brain: Arpaio is showing everybody what a nut-fuck he is. Obviously, the old man flunked math during his school years, and it tells me that we need a new sheriff.

Frankly, that 75-year-old, ancient brain of his has deteriorated inside that thick numbskull [to the extent] that he's become too incompetent to do his job. Joe Bastard's got to go.
Name withheld by request

Law clown is a disgrace: Yes, Arpaio's days are slowly coming to an end. The egomaniac, self-centered law clown is a disgrace and a shame for all Arizonans.
Name withheld by request

Lots more places to sweep: If the sheriff believes in the sweeps, then why hasn't he hit Fashion Square or the Biltmore or Desert Ridge?

Maybe he could find cooks, waiters, and housekeepers. We're sure there are some broken tail lights or windshields to be found, too. Wake up, Arizona! You could be next.
Name withheld by request

A police state mentality: While Joe Arapio's actions are incredibly racist, they are also illegal. You cannot sit and wait for a crime to exist. That is why police cars must be marked to catch you speeding.

We've all watched police shows (I'm saying this because most middle-class Americans get their brush with crime only from TV) in which evidence is thrown out because the officer obtained information about a crime under false pretenses. It is not a crime to drive down the street, but Arpaio's raid made it a crime. This is police state mentality, and it should be frightening to all.
Name withheld by request


Quite a tale of skullduggery: Kudos on your Mark Bosworth article! Never have I read such a tale of skullduggery in the business community ("Dirty Deeds," Ray Stern, May 15). He deserves to go to jail, as does his brother, Russell.

But this is also about the stupidity of the public. It truly proves that a sucker is born every minute, especially in this desert city.
Thomas Gomez, Phoenix

Russell's just as bad as Mark: What a freakin' scumbag! I, too, have been personally victimized by the Bosworth clan. My dealings were more with Russell Bosworth, but the story is the same: dishonest frauds who took advantage of many, many innocent people.

Russell Bosworth collected rent from my 26 residential properties and then absconded with the proceeds after closing down his office late at night on a Saturday. I've sued him and now have a judgment against him and his company. The Bosworths need to fry!
Name withheld by request

Good riddance to GoRenter: I tried GoRenter to list a home of mine. Big mistake. Luckily, I didn't lose too much, and I learned a valuable lesson. I was charged for things that weren't done and, then, late fees for not paying those fees, and nobody would answer their phone. I'd just get threatening letters.

I finally drove out to GoRenter's office, and I was told that everyone was out that day. In retrospect, it was a lot more work dealing with them than it would be to just list and rent a home yourself.

I was so relieved to get the contract canceled, which required an appointment and another drive out there. I'm still getting the threatening letters, but chances are they have bigger fish to fry right now. Good riddance to this so-called company.
Name withheld by request

A charlatan defined: Unbelievable! This man Mark Bosworth has no education, no real estate license, no investment or finance savvy, no ability to run a business profitably (that is, without acting fraudulently), no morals, no nothing!

All he has going for him is high-energy charisma. I mean, he's a short ex-football-player putz. I guess a lot of people who've been involved with him feel the pain now! That's how con artists work!

My comment to the Arizona Corporation Commission and to state Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wercinski: Get this a-hole and his company, GoRenter, out of our state!
Name withheld by request


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