Letters From the Issue of Thursday, October 11, 2007


Nothing for women in Mormonism: Thanks for the report on the trial of Prophet Warren Jeffs ("Persecution Complex," October 4). John Dougherty's numerous award-winning articles are very much appreciated by me. He has done hard investigative reporting on each one.

Unending diaper-changing (virtual for LDS followers and real-world for the FLDS followers) and mindless following are all that Mormonism offers to women and girls. The one thing that all major religions have in common is the exaltation of the male god they worship.



Thank you, John, for telling the unvarnished truth about this male-worshipping religion. It is my hope that John's report — and brave Elissa Wall's testimony — will be read far and wide by the women and girls caught in this horrific nightmare fueled yet again by a mindless religion.
Jean Richards, via the Internet


Say no to the "Snobsdale vision": I recently read your article and wanted to thank you for writing it. The writer's sense of humor and wit made it extremely enjoyable ("Pimp My Bod," Megan Irwin, September 27).

Most of all, it was very heartening to hear about women who aren't dying to meet the Snobsdale vision of perfection. Most importantly, regarding the writer's "crooked" nose and "chipped" teeth, I love that there is a person out there who gets that, too. It's our imperfections that set us apart and really make it interesting.

My girlfriend has constantly had a rough-and-tumble life (she falls down a lot, bless her heart). Consequently she has quite a few scars. I love the scars across her knees, and even more so the scar that goes right through her eyebrow. When we are together, I campaign pretty hard for her to stop penciling it in and hiding it. The same goes for her scar across her eyelid from another childhood accident.

The point isn't to be perfect. Going to the gym and working on yourself does much more for you than any of those lipo treaments ever would. It's not about trying to be rail-thin; it's about how you feel about yourself.
Name withheld by request


"Uncle Joe[s]" rep precedes him: I don't know why everyone is putting Sheriff Joe Arpaio down; he has been your sheriff for three terms. Now he's no good ("Below the Belt," September 20)?!

Well, let me tell you that this man is the most lovable, kindest person I have ever met in my life! It's just like the race for president; they just flap their lips in the air, and all you hear is nothing. But, in this case, you hear nothing but slander. How can you believe what this man [Arpaio political opponent Dan Saban] is saying? How well do you know him? He will say anything just to get elected, just like the rest.

I believe in Uncle Joe. He has a big heart.

If he's so bad of a sheriff, then why do his prisoners have respect for him, no matter where they sleep. So what if they have to work outside? If they were not in jail, they would still have to work outside. So what if they don't have workout equipment. That's a blessing; why let them get stronger while they are being punished for a crime and then get pumped up and then get out and do the same crime, only being strong? What if it was a rapist, child abuser, molester? Did you think about that?

As far as TV, whatever Uncle Joe wants them to have . . .

But think about it, is Dan Saban really the one for the job? I don't think so. Joe Arpaio is still the man. Uncle Joe is a good sheriff.
Teresa McDonough, Grottoes, Virginia


Who you calling nice . . . or liberal?: Dear Bird, I can't believe how politically naive you are! Do you really think that any sensible, let alone experienced, political group would hold a public support rally for U.S. Border Patrol agents in a biker bar ("Anti-Heroes, September 13)? Or allow Nazis within visible range ("Rusty's World," July 12)? Come on, that's the kiss of death! It's guaranteed to get you slandered by the media and to turn off the majority of voters.

That is why wily politicians often create groups that appear to support political planks of other politicians' platforms, suck in the real supporters, and then steer the groups into doing outrageously stupid and offensive actions in public.

It's intended to smear the other guy's reputation. I can see political naifs, like silly Michelle Dellacroce [of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens], being taken in by this tactic, but you should have known better.

Can't you see that it's in the best interest of fat Republican capitalists to keep that cheap labor flowing, to discredit the anti-illegal immigration movement and its exponents, from the grass-roots (and naive) organizers to presidential candidates? To make anybody who opposes illegal immigration look like a skinhead Nazi or a drunken racist biker?

In fact, the serious anti-illegal immigration activists — many of them being farmers and ranchers — rarely hold public gatherings; they're so widely scattered physically that they usually meet over the Internet.

In fact, a remarkably large percentage of the anti-illegal immigration activists aren't white folks at all; they're Navajos, Hopis, Zunis, and members of other Pueblo tribes. Say, why doesn't New Times have a column called "Ask A Navajo"?

Hey Bird, don't you think it's ironic that a nice liberal like you is aiding and abetting the interests of big-biz capitalists?
Leslie Fish, Phoenix

"Great group of people?" Whatever, Keith: Perhaps the writer's vision was blurred by the two-fisted drinking he was doing the night of the Border Patrol agents' rally, because this event-goer saw a great group of people having a well-attended benefit for a cause.

Ignacio Ramos got screwed. Did he do some things wrong? Yes. But that's not what this is about; it's about the event at New River's Roadrunner Saloon. It was more than "a hell of a party," it was a chance for an incredibly diverse group of people to get together.

I also want to note the writer's failure to mention that the event was attended by a good number of Latinos. Hmmm, wonder if they saw any racists? People were at the event from all over the country. Wonder why? It's because the American Freedom Riders do things well and they do things without standing in the spotlight. Danny Smith and his guys and gals are the best. I should know because I proudly wear an AFR patch on my back.
Keith Lefebvre, Phoenix


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