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Libertarian Love-fest

I'm sure y'all will be accusing me of going gay for Libertarians after this post, but I have to say, I'm inclined to vote for Barry Hess, the Libertarian candidate for governor -- he's the only one of the three candidates who has a freakin' personality.

Janet's an automaton -- more boring than watching cactus grow. And Munsil's so much like a Boy Scout who just earned a Merit Badge, that it's hard to take him seriously. (Janet could kick his can clear to Kansas, no problem.) But Hess knows how to crack a joke, and seems to relish stating the unconventional. I think he'd make a good Guv, if not for his quasi-religious reliance on the Libertarian philosophy to solve all issues, great and small. In other words, if "get the government out of our business" wasn't his only line, I'd be more enthusiastic about him.

So, as is, I'll either vote for Hess, or write in Chuey the Rock n' Roll Midget...


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