Lisa Aubuchon's Media Defender: Anonymous, Naturally

"All this poor woman did was try to prosecute criminals..."

The above line is taken from a ridiculous blog post published today on the pro-Andrew Thomas Web site, Sonoran Alliance, in reference to fired deputy county attorney Lisa Aubuchon.

The post uses a few words to create a fantasy world of missing facts, from which Aubuchon's action can then be defended.

And just who is Aubuchon's knight in electronic armor?

It's a trick question. No one would sign their name to that tripe. The writer behind this pro-Aubuchon, propagandistic drivel is anonymous, of course.

Anyone who's been following the freak show of county politics in the past two years knows that Aubuchon did much more than "try to prosecute criminals." She acted as former Maricopa County Attorney Thomas' field marshal, marching off to battle whichever high-profile case Thomas figured would give him political firepower.

Usually, the experienced prosecutor lost those cases.

The unnamed author doesn't say Word One about the damning, 63-page memo penned by a high-ranking deputy, Frank Munnell, and what it said about Aubuchon. Instead, he or she (maybe Aubuchon wrote it herself) calls Aubuchon "a lifelong apolitical prosecutor with zero interest in partisan politics, is a recent casualty."

Here are a couple of relevant passages from Munnell's memo to compare and contrast with the anonymous defender's statements:

Lisa Aubuchon's Media Defender: Anonymous, Naturally
Lisa Aubuchon's Media Defender: Anonymous, Naturally

Aubuchon's suing the county for $10 million for allegedly besmirching her reputation.

Poor woman.


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