Liz Habib

Liz, They Hardly Knew Ye

Valley couch potatoes know her perpetually perky persona from TV's "The Place With More Stuff." But after being denied entrance to a Scottsdale nightclub last month because she couldn't produce an ID, preternaturally peppy Liz Habib showed a Ms. Hyde side that, no doubt, left some unimpressed clubgoers wishing that the self-absorbed news reader would, well, "stuff" it into a different "place."

Officers were called to Dos Gringos after Habib forced her way past a doorman and unsuccessfully tried to order a drink on the evening of November 19. In the end, no charges were filed.

Excerpts from the Scottsdale police files:From the report of Officer J. Herrick:

"I asked the female to step aside and talk to me. I asked the female what her name was and she replied 'you know who I am.' I again asked the female what her name was, again she replied, 'you know who I am, you can't do this.' At this time the female was trying to walk away and refusing to identify herself.

"I asked the female a third time what her name was. The female replied, 'my name, Smith, Jane Smith.' I asked Ms. Smith what her street address was and she said '1545 W. East St. Phoenix, AZ.' I asked Ms. Smith what her date of birth was. Ms. Smith said 'fuck-you.' I asked Ms. Smith again what her date of birth was. Ms. Smith again said, 'fuck-you.'"

From the report of Officer H. Lockerby:

"As Ofc. Herrick was attempting to obtain the female's story, she kept saying to us repeatedly, 'You don't know who I am?' The female subject had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from her mouth. Her eyes were bloodshot and watery. . . . When Ofc. Herrick asked her for her name, she said that she did not have to give it to him. The female subject began to yell at us, 'You guys don't know who I am! I am a reporter!' At this time, Ofc. Herrick and I attempted to escort her away from the front [of] the bar to speak with [sic] and she pulled her arm away. She stated 'Get your fucking hands off of me. I don't have to tell you anything. Fuck you! I am fucking leaving!' I told her she could not leave until we found out what was going on. The subject then began to walk away into the street. I told her to stop and she refused. Due to her refusal to obey any verbal commands and answer any questions, Ofc. Herrick and I attempted to put her into an armbar to handcuff her so she would not leave. She next pulled her arms away. She would not let us handcuff her. She stated, 'Get your fucking hands off me. I am going to sue you all. You guys are so going down. You don't know who you are talking to!'"

From the report of Officer R. Welton:

"I spoke with a patron [name deleted] who related the following: She was standing, with her friends, just inside the gate. Her attention was drawn to Habib because of Habib's yelling.

"[The patron] heard Habib say 'Fucking manager,' 'You know who I am?' and repeated the last question several times. [The patron] said that Habib's arguing, yelling and cursing went on for at least 10 minutes.

"Approx. 6 other patrons approached me and offered to give me their testimony as to how they had been disturbed by Habib. As I was leaving the club [Dos Gringos manager] Mr. Glatt stated that the club would let her in if she were to present some identification.

"In summary, Habib disturbed the peace of several patrons of the Dos Gringos bar by arguing, yelling, cursing and demeaning others by placing herself above everyone else in not having to abide by the club's policy.

"All witnesses are willing to testify."

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