Lodge crowd simmers down, Britney babes speak up

City Slicker

The straight scoop: After reading the article "Exalted Ruler" (John Dougherty, March 28), I noticed that the reporter reversed two paragraphs, which distorted what I had said. To set the record straight, I would like to point out that a few years ago I did receive some complaints from residents around the Elks Lodge, which at the time remained open after hours; it seems the club's patrons remained in the establishment's parking lot drinking and listening to very loud music. However, the problem subsided after the club cut back its hours, and no recent complaints related to the club have been made by any of the area's residents.

Julian Sodari
Community Organizer
Phoenix Revitalization Corporation

Fan Mail

Hit me, baby, one more time: The article on Britney Spears ("Slave 4 Britney," Heathy Lee Roth, April 4) beats anything ever written about her. It now hangs on my wall in my dorm room.

Britney has a lot of fans that are female, and the article told us it is okay when the rest of the world looks at it as strange. I always say there are two types of girls in the world -- the ones who hate Britney and the ones who have a best-friend attitude toward her. But both want to be just like her.

On behalf of all chicks who are Britney supporters, thank you for the impressive article.

Heather Manning
Via e-mail

In sync with Britney: Oh, honey, well written. I am quite the punk and classic rock enthusiast and so have wondered about the roots of my Britney fascination/obsession. Thanks for making me feel okay about it!

Jane Cartwright
Via e-mail

Lingner's Lament

Recommended summer reading: I found your recent article "Cause for Complaint" (John W. Allman, March 21) to be rather straightforward. The article did not suggest that the reader lean toward one side of the issue or the other. I have chosen Councilman Doug Lingner's side, but he will not prevail. I find myself a little surprised with the way that Councilman Lingner went about seeking some help in dealing with the obviously underhanded methods of assistant city manager Sheryl Sculley. How did he get to be in his position with his "Boy Scout" honesty and tactics? Lingner's agenda would be better served with some advice on self-serving maneuvers from Sculley.

Based upon Lingner's version of events and in my humble opinion, Sculley displays the typical political characteristics that remind us all of purchasing a preowned vehicle. And it sounds like she was well-coached by City Manager Frank Fairbanks; this team is quite effective.

Lingner has only himself to blame for being stonewalled, after going to Sculley's boss. Bad move. If Lingner plays chess for money, let me know! I mean, could anyone possibly be shocked by Sculley withholding information or Fairbanks' lack of action after the letter? Of course not.

We are conditioned to expect this from our chosen leaders. Although I do not like it, our leaders are usually very skilled at manipulation of the truth for their own benefit. Should Lingner desire a lengthy political career, he'd be smart to pick up Harvey MacKay's Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive. My younger brother once expressed an interest in politics and I feared that he would struggle because of honesty and integrity. Some people have an innate goodness about them, and those special few are not made for our current political arena. To be successful there, a gladiatorial posture must be assumed in one's mind.

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I see Lingner feeling shortchanged and never being able to prove exactly why, how or by whom. Fairbanks and Sculley will make out well with their agenda, as their kind usually do. The next time Lingner expects a communication to become public record, he can call me, and I will help him to arrange a billboard.

Steven Hofmann

More Jailhouse Blues

Beating Joe at his own game: I just got around to reading your column on Eric Vogel and the other victims of our system ("Torture Chamber," Robert Nelson, March 14). I blame the system because it sounds like everybody is afraid to stand up to Sheriff Arpaio, or they act as if he has judges and examiners in his pocket. If I am not mistaken, mental patients and inmates are transported, typically, by trained psych workers.

Anyway, I think the families of Arpaio's victims should at least get to see him and his apes stripped naked and beaten within an inch of their lives!

Name withheld by request


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