Somethng tells us these blokes ain't squeezin' lemons?

Manet, You Corrupt Biddy...

All this hard-news is makin' my brain hurt, but anything that slams our illustrious Guv, I'm down with, so here's a taste of my colleague Sarah Fenske's breaking story on Nappy's monkeyshines involving student loans, the Phoenix firefighters union, Pat Cantelme, Billy Shields, and loads of moolah:

Two years ago, Governor Janet Napolitano gave sole rights to tens of millions of dollars in bond business to a group of politically connected retired firefighters with zero experience in the field, New Times has learned.

And then she vetoed a plan that would have given them competition.

Although the group is charged with making student loans, not one of its officers is involved with higher education, college financial aid, or even bonds.

The group's president, Pat Cantelme, ran the firefighters union in Phoenix for 20 years. Its vice chairman is a criminal-defense attorney. And its secretary/treasurer is Billy Shields, who now runs Cantelme's old union.

No wonder Shields is Nappy's loyal lapdog, even taking a bullet for the biddy on the 9/11 Memorial fiasco. Get this, the one scholarship these Nimrods have listed on ther site?

"The Governor's 9/11 Memorial Scholarship."

According to Fenske: "The scholarship, given to the writer of a 300-word essay, is intended to commemorate 9/11 — and 'show support for the Arizona 9/11 memorial.'" How much, you ask? $2,500 smackers to the student who French-kisses the most Democrat butt.

Gross, huh? I'm gonna go barf now...


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