Maricopa County Elections Department's Spanish Error: Simple Mistake or Suspicious Mistake?

Quite a few people seem to think it's quite a coincidence that the Maricopa County Elections Department listed the wrong election date on a sparsely distrusted document, but the error was only made on the Spanish portion of that document.

The estimate from the elections office is that fewer than 50 people received this document, which contained the punch-out voter registration card.

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Nearly two million people got their cards in the mail, and the voting date is incorrect on zero of those. An elections department spokeswoman said the erroneous information -- telling Spanish-speaking voters that election day is 8 de Noviembre, instead of the 6th -- was only given out to people who picked up an updated card from one of the county's three offices.

The elections office estimates that fewer than 50 people get cards in-person at the office per year, although county elections officials aren't exactly sure how long the documents with the false dates were being used.

However, likely due to the fact that the correct date was printed in English right next to the erroneous date in Spanish, some people have voiced their suspicions about it.

An elections office spokeswoman told us it was a simple mistake, but let's hear from you -- was it a simple mistake, or a suspicious mistake?

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