Maricopa Teen Huffs Co2 in Wal-Mart. Found Passed Out in Sporting Goods Section

Huffing Co2 gets you high -- and guess where you can find more Co2 canisters than you could "huff" in a lifetime? Wal-Mart -- which is apparently where a Maricopa teen went to get his fix before passing out while still in the store.

Police in Maricopa say the unidentified teen went into the Wal-Mart, found the Co2 canisters and got to huffin' -- inside the store. He was found passed out in the sporting goods section by a store employee a few minutes later. 

Co2 canisters are used for a lot of things, namely, air pressurized pellet guns. People -- often times teens -- use them to get high, too. They're easy for kids to get their hands on and, when inhaled, can make a person feel a little spacey. Simultaneously, they kill millions of brain cells in one, foul-tasting blast. It's a lot like doing a whip-it: stupid.

The teen apparently got real spacey and decided to take a nap in the sporting goods section.

The store employee called police, but the kid woke up and ran out of the store before police got there. He hasn't been found.

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