Meet Your 2010-2011 Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders -- They Look Fun (Interpret That Any Way You Like)

Hope you're ready for your daily dose of T & A because we've got it.

Last night, the Phoenix Suns unveiled the lovely, young ladies who will hopefully cheer the team to an NBA Championship this season -- and, as expected, they're super-hot the most qualified for the job.

Check these chicks out after the jump. We've picked a few favorites.

Moe than 100 women auditioned to be part of this season's rah-rah squad, but only 18 were selected.

During the selection process, the women were asked questions ranging in topics from current events to quantum physics to immigration reform. OK, that's a total lie -- they shook what god gave them and looked hot doing it.

Judges narrowed the pool of 100 down to 30 and let fans vote for their favorites after watching a video of each finalist on the team's Web site.

Meet Your 2010-2011 Phoenix Suns Cheerleaders -- They Look Fun (Interpret That Any Way You Like)
Phoenix Suns

Below is a list of each girl and her hometown (as if their hometown matters).

*         Amira of Danville, California

*         Bethann of Phoenix

*         Brittney of Phoenix

*         Brittni of Tempe

*         Carla of Phoenix

*         Courtney of Scottsdale

*         Danielle K. of Scottsdale

*         Danielle P. of Phoenix

*         Geminise of Scottsdale

*         Heather of Austin, Texas

*         Jenna of Gilbert

*         Lauren of Scottsdale

*         Monique of Riverside, California

*         Noelle of Phoenix

*         Rachel of Newport Beach, California

*         Serena of Albuquerque, New Mexico

*         Shannon of Glendale

*         Sumer of Mesa

Phoenix Suns'

​We see a few standouts in this year's squad: Lauren, Jenna, and Amira seem to have what it takes to bring a championship to Phoenix -- we're basing this on nothing more than physical appearance, of course. 

Our personal favorite, however, is Sumer -- for two, big reasons (again, interpret that however you want).

Check out Sumer's bio page here.

Check out the rest of the girls here.


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