Mesa Cops Threatened by Suicidal Man With Machete. He Got Shot

If you're feelin' a little blah, and thinking of ending it all, there are a lot of ways to do it. We don't recommend any of them. We also don't recommend threatening cops with an enormous machete after they've been called to help you.

That's what a Mesa man did yesterday afternoon and he was shot by police as a result.

According to Mesa Detective Steve Berry, police got a call yesterday afternoon from the mother of 35-year-old Kole Ravel.

Ravel's mother was concerned that her son was going to kill himself and wanted police to come help.

When police got to Ravel's apartment, they heard what sounded like a domestic dispute going on inside.

One of the officers opened the door and waiting for him on the other side was Ravel holding the above machete.

In the process of entering the apartment, the first officer fell. Once he saw the giant blade Ravel was holding, Berry says he immediately went into retreat mode.

The other two officers at the scene didn't go into retreat mode, though, and when Ravel charged towards the officer on the ground they shot him -- probably saving officer's life.

Ravel was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery last night. He is currently in the intensive care unit and is expected to survive.

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