Mesa Woman Brings 5-Year-Old to Meth Deal

September 22, was apparently "bring a kid to work day" for a Mesa woman, which is never a good idea considering her job is allegedly selling crystal meth.

Lori Hammar, 38, was arrested on Tuesday after she brought a 5-year-old child with her as she allegedly sold crystal meth to an undercover Mesa police officer in September.

It's unclear whether the child was hers, but who cares -- it's still a 5-year-old at a meth deal.

In August, the Mesa Police Department received a tip from a "confidential, reliable informant" that Hammar was selling meth.

The informant and a detective set up a time to meet Hammar in the parking lot of a McDonald's at 2035 South Ellsworth Drive in Mesa on September 1.

It went off without a hitch -- the detective and the informant showed up, as did Hammar, and her husband, Travis. Hammar got out of her car, handed a cigarette box containing 1.75 grams of meth to the undercover officer, and he handed her $120.

A similar situation played out about a week later. The detective set up another meeting at the McDonald's, at which he bought another 1.6 grams of meth from Hammar.

On September 22, the detective set up another meeting, this one in the parking lot of a CVS at 2758 South Crimson Road. This time, she brought a 5-year-old kid with her.

The kid, and Travis Hammar, stood outside of the car and watched as Hammar sold the officer another 1.75 grams of meth.

Mesa police arrested Hammar on Tuesday. She's been charged with three counts of possession of a dangerous drug with intent to sell, three counts of transporting a dangerous drug with intent to sell, and one count of child abuse.


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