Michael Marin's Cyanide Stash Made It Into His Mouth, Medical Examiner Confirms

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The Maricopa County medical examiner's office confirmed the expected this morning -- "Burning Man" Michael Marin definitely ingested some of the cyanide that was later found in his car.

Marin collapsed in the courtroom a few minutes after he was declared guilty of burning down his Biltmore Estates mansion, and was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

It was pretty clear he popped something in his mouth after the verdict was read, and Maricopa County Sheriff's Office investigators later found a canister of sodium cyanide in his car.

MCSO said Marin ordered a canister of sodium cyanide off the Internet in 2011, before the trial, and had it sent by Fed-Ex straight to his doorstep.

After Marin died, his son found an email his father had sent him, saying to check his car -- which he had left in Mesa -- if things didn't go his way in court.

Marin's family got this information over to MCSO, and investigators found the clearly labeled canister of cyanide in his car.


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