Treasurer Dean Martin
Treasurer Dean Martin

Morning Poll: Dean Martin's Statewide "Tent City"

Yesterday, gubernatorial candidate and state Treasurer Dean Martin unveiled his plan to combat illegal immigration and called for -- among other things -- a statewide "Tent City" for illegal immigrants arrested in Arizona.

In his announcement, Martin was sure to point out that his plan got a wink and a nod from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Martin's announcement is viewed by some as a political move in attempt to one-up Jan Brewer after she signed off on Arizona's controversial, new immigration law.

Check out the details of Martin's plan here.

We want to know what you think about Martin's plan -- is Martin trying to one-up Jan?

Vote -- and the see results of yesterday's poll -- after the jump. 

Yesterday's poll question: Can Anyone in the Race for Governor Beat Jan Brewer?

-20.3 percent say yes.

-23.4 percent say no.

-56.3 percent say there's plenty of time left, she'll beat herself.


Here is your morning poll:



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