Morning Poll: Do Arizona Wildcats Stand a Chance Against Duke?

If you're like us, your NCAA bracket is already worthless leading into the Sweet 16. But the University of Arizona's still giving some Arizonans a reason to pay attention to college basketball -- if only for one month out of the year.

The Wildcats won a stunner over the Texas Longhorns yesterday, moving them into the Sweet 16 to play the Duke Blue Devils on Thursday in Anaheim, California.

The No. 1 seeded Duke barely fended off 8-seeded Michigan yesterday by a mere two points for Coach Mike Krzyzewski's 900th career win.

In other words, Duke's not playing its best basketball at the moment, so there's a chance the Cats could pull off an upset.

We want to know what you think: do the Wildcats stand a snowball's chance in Tucson at beating Duke?

Cast your vote below.


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