Morning Poll: Is Medical Marijuana a "Danger to Our Communities?"

The Arizona Cardinals got political yesterday and gave $10,000 to an organization devoted to defeating Prop 203.

Prop 203 will be on the November ballot and would allow chronically ill or severe-pain patients to buy marijuana from state-licensed clinics with a doctor's approval.

The group to which the Cards gave the money is called Keep AZ Drug Free. Cardinals President Michael Bidwill serves on the group's steering committee.

On the group's Web site, it claims 203 would be a "danger to our communities" -- and that's about it. There is little-to-no explanation as to what about the concept of prescribing sick people marijuana is so dangerous.

We called the group to get further explanation, but nobody called us back.

It seems that doctors prescribe far more dangerous -- and more addicting -- drugs than marijuana, but we want to know what you think: is medical marijuana a "danger to our community?"

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Is Spending $39 Million to Improve Internet Access a Waste of Money?

- 56.25 percent say yes.

- 43.75 percent say no.

Here is your morning poll:


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