Morning Poll: Should County Attorney Prosecute Potheads and Prostitutes?

Yesterday, we spoke with Michael Kielsky, the Libertarian candidate for Maricopa County Attorney.

Kielsky has an interesting approach to law enforcement: using the County Attorney's Office to go after crimes that have "real victims."

As Kielsky told us, prostitution and smoking weed don't fall under his criteria of crimes with "real victims."

Kielsky says, if he's elected, he wouldn't prosecute prostitutes, people who hire prostitutes, or potheads.

"Where's the harm?" He asks.

It's an interesting approach -- one that's probably not gonna score him points with Maricopa County's more conservative voters -- but we can't say we entirely disagree with him.

We want to know what you think, though: should the county attorney prosecute prostitutes or potheads?

Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll question: Do you miss Kurt Warner yet?

- 75.53 percent say yes.

- 3.77 percent say no.

- 21.7 percent say after yesterday I miss Matt Leinart.

Here is your morning poll:

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