Phoenix City Council hopeful Gary Whalen.
Phoenix City Council hopeful Gary Whalen.

Morning Poll: Should Gary Whalen, Wannabe Conservative Politico Arrested for Assault on Boyfriend, End Campaign?

While he wasn't caught with a dead woman, or a live boy, conservative Phoenix City Council wannabe Gary Whalen did get arrested for a domestic-violence assault on his then-live-in boyfriend just days after registering to run for office -- a little factoid he probably wishes New Times hadn't unearthed.

Then, it appears, Whalen flat-out lied to a reporter when confronted with the information.

If there are already bipartisan calls for New York Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign over a few cock shots -- and the lies that followed -- what's to happen to a wannabe conservative politico who was arrested for assaulting his boyfriend? Should he end his campaign?

If you're not familiar with Whalen's January assault on his then-live-in ex-boyfriend, click here.

New Times already has put an end to one campaign in this year's City Council race -- and that was only over a 15-year-old drug conviction.

Last month, hotel owner Ben Bethel ended his City Council campaign after we discovered that he has a 1996 conviction for selling dangerous drugs and narcotics.

In resigning, Bethel noted that "sensational journalism will win out over my efforts to make this a better city, so I'll focus these efforts outside of council, and I'll still get a lot done."

Read all about Bethel's brief council bid here.

We want to know what you think: should Whalen follow Bethel's lead and call it quits on his campaign now that his dirty laundry's been aired?

Cast your vote below.


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