Miguel Aparicio: respected coach/deportee.
Miguel Aparicio: respected coach/deportee.

Morning Poll: Should Phoenix Track Coach Miguel Aparicio Have Been Deported?

If the headline of this post seems like a stupid question, that's because it is.

Of course 37-year-old high school track coach -- and illegal immigrant living in the United States for the last 22 years -- Miguel Aparicio shouldn't have been deported. He's not a gang-banger, he's not a drug dealer, he's not a human smuggler, he's not setting fires in southern Arizona (or is he, John McCain?).

Not to mention, he gives back to the community and has lived in the United States for 22 years, the majority of his life.

See New Times' story on Aparicio's deportation here.

Morally, shipping a productive member of society to a country he barely knows is unacceptable. Yet if he's here illegally, it's the law.

And as Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio always says: "If they don't like the law, change the law."

The law is the law, but we want to know what you think: should Aparicio have been deported?

Cast your vote below.


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