Morning Poll: Will Steve Nash Ever Win an NBA Championship?

The Phoenix Suns -- yet again -- failed to earn a spot in the NBA Finals after the Los Angeles Lakers put the nail in the team's playoff coffin on Saturday night but not before securing an NBA record for a certain point guard who can't seem to find his way to the Championship.

Suns' point guard Steve Nash has now been in more playoff games without appearing in the NBA Championships than anyone in the history of the NBA.

Nash has played 118 playoff games and has only missed the playoffs three times in his 11-year career but has never managed to find his way to the Championship.

With some of the Suns' players -- like Amare Stoudemire -- possibly on their way out of Phoenix, analysts are saying this season may have been Nash's last chance at a Championship with the Suns but we want to know what you think: Will Steve Nash ever win an NBA Championship?

See the results of Friday's poll after the jump.   

Friday's poll question: Is it Too Soon to Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell?"

-16 percent say yes, it's too soon.

-28 percent say no, it's not too soon.

-20 percent say it should never be repealed.

-46 percent say it never should have become law in the first place.




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