Naui's Video of Saturday's Neo-Nazi March to the Capitol

California videographer and activist Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli captured some cool footage of Saturday's Nazi march and demo at the Arizona state Capitol, including a little confrontation with a swastika-licker from Missouri that I had. Didn't amount to much. Plus, there was a DOJ guy right beside us, and cops all around. So what did this schmuck think he was gonna do? These guys are straight out of 3rd grade.

A Nazi punk gets in my face about 49 seconds in...

Naui and the Nazis go toe-to-toe...

They messed with Naui a lot more than they did me, mainly because during a demo in Riverside, he yanked one of the Nazis' flags from their hands, essentially unmanning them.

Naui and his comrade Dennis Gilman are the bravest videographers I know. Gilman was present as well for the hate hootenanny, and I'm sure he'll be posting something soon on this fascist fun-time at the Capitol. Be sure to check out Naui's YouTube channel, and Gilman's channel HumanLeague002.


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