New Times "Best of" App Gets a Little Love From iTunes, Wired

We're not typically in the business of shameless self-promotion here at New Times, but we'll make an exception to toot our own horn over recent accolades for our "Best of" smartphone app, which apparently is pretty friggin' awesome.

In fact, our new app has been listed in the iTunes' year-end "Rewind" list as one of the five best travel apps of the year.

The techies over at Wired.com found our new app equally fetching, describing it as "What Yelp would be if only the cool kids could post reviews."

The app's pretty rad -- it compiles the "Best of" issues from New Times and other Village Voice Media publications across the country. Open her up in most major cities and it'll give you the best restaurants, bars, clubs, and everything else that's nearby.

The best part: it's free -- click here for the free download.


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