Obama Campaign Reportedly "Gives Up" on Arizona -- Surprised?

President Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina says they're done trying to win Arizona, now that the election's a few days away, according to Politico.

"Messina called Arizona an 'enticing prospect' and said that public and private polling has shown the state fairly close," the Politico report says. "But the Obama adviser emphasized that the president expects to win the election with the votes of more traditional swing states."

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Out of the eight companies that polled Arizona voters about the race between Obama and Mitt Romney, only one of those companies ever came back with an Obama lead -- and that same company showed Obama leads in Arizona three times.

Most New Times readers weren't really buying the Obama lead, according to one of our highly unscientific reader polls.

That said, does team Obama's new strategy of ehh, maybe next time, Arizona surprise anyone?

Cast your vote below:

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