On a Scale of 1-10, How Crappy Are Those Joe Arpaio TV Ads?

On Friday, we told you about some pro-Joe Arpaio TV ads that were painfully funny to watch, but are also being shown on TV to Fox News viewers.

They're the product of John Philip Sousa IV and his independent-expenditure committee, "Americans for Sheriff Joe."

Given the shaking camera, the constant zooming in and zooming out, the background noises, and the actual content of the videos, it's pretty safe to say they suck.

At one point, Sousa claims he's crossing the border between Mexico and the United States "to demonstrate how easy it is for illegals to cross," which doesn't quite look like the legal way to cross our nation's borders.

You can watch the videos below, and let us know -- on a scale of 1-10, how crappy are these things?

Cast your vote below:


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