One Valley Salmonella Case Linked to Tainted Beef Recall

More than 800,000 pounds of ground beef recalled by meat distributor. Holy cow!
More than 800,000 pounds of ground beef recalled by meat distributor. Holy cow!

At least one Valley resident's been treated for salmonella poisoning linked to beef recalled yesterday by Beef Packer, Inc.

Beef Packer Inc. recalled more than 800,000 pounds of tainted bovine after it was discovered that the meat contained strains of salmonella.

The beef was shipped from the companies headquarters in Fresno to beef
distributors across the Southwest, including Phoenix. Some of the
product may have even made its way all the way to Seattle.

Tracking all the poisoned beef will be nearly impossible because the
distributor didn't sell directly to stores or chains, but rather to
smaller distributors that repackaged, and renamed the meat.

Most of the beef was bought by Safeway grocery stores, which has also issued a recall of all beef with a packaging date between June 5th and June 23rd.

Lets hope none of those distributors have McDonalds as a client.

Shoana Anderson, acting chief of the Arizona Health Departments Infectious
Disease Center, tells New Times that there's been one case of
Salmonella here in the Valley that has been linked to the recalled beef.

"We can link different strains by matching the DNA," she says. "Yes, we had
one case in the area with similar DNA to the strain in the recall."

The beef was sold in cases bearing a label with the establishment number "EST. 31913."You can also call the company at 877-872-3635 or check the recall notice at the USDA Web site here.

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