Phoenix Hunter Wanted in Alaska for Not Reporting That He Didn't Kill a Moose

Here's a tip: Next time you go moose hunting in Alaska, you have to fill out your "hunting report card" whether you manage to snag a moose or not.

Unfortunately for 57-year-old Phoenix resident Peter Amador, he didn't know that -- and he's now charged with failing to report a permit hunt, according to a press release from the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, Amador had won the big-game hunting permit in Alaska through a 2010 lottery, and went out in search of moose in the Nelchina Basin -- a hunting area northeast of Anchorage.

Amador came back to Phoenix without a moose kill, but he didn't report it to Alaska Wildlife Troopers -- which is apparently a crime.

According to the Dispatch, Amador had no idea that he was wanted on the charges:

"Reached by telephone in Phoenix on Tuesday, Amadar [sic] was as yet unaware he was a wanted man in Alaska.

Failure to submit a hunt report is what the state of Alaska calls a 'bailable offense,' meaning one can pay a ticket and be done with it. There is likely a ticket to Amador somewhere in the mail.

'A ticket for what?' asked Amador, who said he was unaware of the requirement that calls for a hunter to fill out a report if unsuccessful. 'I didn't know that,' he said."

Now that he is aware of it, Amador now owes $110 to the Glenallen District Court in Alaska.

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