Phoenix Man Makes Sarcastic Comment About Raping Kid; Police Don't Think He Was Joking

Phoenix Man Makes Sarcastic Comment About Raping Kid; Police Don't Think He Was Joking
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David Trevino, a 23-year-old Phoenix resident, brushed off a woman's allegation that he "raped" a girl because she was 17 years old when they had sex, and responded that she might as well tell police that he raped the woman's 8-year-old daughter.

The woman did relay that comment to police, and investigators believe Trevino was not joking.

After Trevino made that comment, the woman asked her 8-year-old daughter about the statement.

The girl told her mother about a time at his Maryvale home that Trevino made her "get down on her hand[s] and knees on the couch in the shed and described penile/vaginal sex," according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The woman got back in touch with Trevino and confronted him with this allegation. It wasn't true, he said -- he was just trying to make her upset.

Police were still contacted, and in a forensic interview, the 8-year-old girl relayed the same story she'd told her mother, according to the documents.

Court documents also note injuries discovered by a nurse practitioner in a forensic medical exam.

"[The] injuries are an indication of blunt force penetrating trauma," the documents state.

Police arrested Trevino after this, and tried to interview him.

"He made no admissions but also no denial," a probable-cause statement says. "Simply said he was sorry."

Trevino was indicted by a grand jury on charges of kidnapping and sexual conduct with a minor.

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