Phoenix Mom Gets 1.75 Years for Sending Teens to Rough Up Ex-Boyfriend


A Phoenix woman who sent her daughter and other teens to rough up her ex-boyfriend has been sentenced to 1.75 years in prison.

Katherine Faye White supplied her daughter, the daughter's 20-year-old friend and three minor teens with a Taser, crowbar, duct tape and other supplies needed for the job. Her instructions, police said, were to have the teens call her after the ex-boyfriend was tied up.

The scheme involved having the incapacitated ex lure his current girlfriend to the house -- it's unclear what White intended to do if her plan had gone that far. We detailed the case in this blog on February 17.


As we reported, the teens and 20-year-old, David Strickland, ambushed the guy at his home. They beat and Tased him, but failed to get him tied. The group fled and everyone was arrested that night.

White ended up pleading guilty to attempted conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, a domestic violence offense. She was transferred to Arizona's Perryville prison last month.

Strickland and the others also pleaded guilty to various charges and await sentencing.




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